President of the People's Republic of China中华人民共和国主席
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IncumbentXi Jinping since 14 March 2013
Style Mr. President (主席)(Formal)His Excellency (閣下)(In international correspondence)
Type nominal figurehead
Status Head of State
Residence Zhongnanhai (informal)
Seat Beijing
Nominator the Presidium of the National People's Congress
Appointer the National People's Congress
Term length Five Years, renewable once consecutively
Constituting instrument Constitution of the People's Republic of China
Inaugural holder Mao Zedong as the first President under the 1954 ConstitutionLi Xiannian as the first President under the 1982 Constitution
Formation 27 September 1954 18 June 1983
Abolished January 1975 - December 1982
Deputy Vice President
Website Presidency

Top Secret

Why, hello there Mr. President Xi Jinping,

I am here to give you a chance of not telling me a truth about we have discussed from previous months.
But it is the time to tell the world about you and your actions right here in this richest Filipino country. And
you hurt people with this invasion that you are pouring into. That includes with Russia too. With more of these questions and problems along the way. And by the way, my friends and I have made our minds about what we are fighting for? This is what you given into this Russian alliance. To whom that you are negociating with huh? You shouldn't know about what you are up to? You will know this backstory of America like Super mega Ryan since he was looking for me and the rest of his family. Is with President Obama already. Just tell him that you are here to know the truth about me and my actions of a superhero is that ok with you? Is up to stop the protest and that invasion that you are doing to do. And help us to become a true friend or an ally right here on earth. Or elsewhere, to continue this war against us with this previous work. You see Mr. President you have to give a chance of 30 seconds to change my mind. Your clock starts now.

Ask for support
Doan N.

Beatiful idea Sayings World Peace is only true when the leaders said interest in the sustainable development of national capacity and know divest its ambitious invasion