Chancellor of the Federal Republic of GermanyBundeskanzler(in)  (German)
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IncumbentAngela Merkel since 22 November 2005
Member of CabinetEuropean Council
Seat German Chancellery, Berlin, Germany (primary)Palais Schaumburg, Bonn, Germany (secondary)
Appointer The Federal President In accordance with a vote in the Bundestag
Term length None The Chancellor's term of office ends when a new Bundestag ("Federal Diet", the lower house of the German Federal Parliament) convenes for its first meeting or when dismissed by the President (for instance following a constructive vote of no confidence),[1] i.e. usually 4 years (unlimited during state of defence)
Constituting instrument Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany
Formation 1949
First holder Konrad Adenauer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Salary €220,000 p.a.

President of the German Bundestag and terrorism support

This article is written by Journalist Nashwa El-Hofy in Arabic language, published by elwatannews website on 20/5/2015, and translated in English language by Hey Egypt website, Eman Nabih.

I followed up the president of the German Bundestag (German parliament), Norbert Lammert‘s declarations about his refusal of meeting president Sisi, during his visit to Germany on the 3rd and the 4th of next June.

Lammert claimed that the violations of human rights in Egypt and the death sentences against Muslim Brotherhood were behind his decision. The Egyptian embassy in Berlin responded to Lammert’s declarations, that Egypt did not ask to meet the president of the Bundestag in the first place.

Regardless of this meeting that was not going to add or lessen from Egypt’s standing any way, it seems that Norbert Lammert, the president of the German Bundestag, needs someone to refresh his memory about some political facts in the history of his country, so he realizes his wrong position in supporting terrorism.

First, Lammert belongs to the German chancellor, Angela Merkel’s Christian democratic party, and what Lammert did, enters in the framework of dividing roles game between the German politicians who financially and politically supported Muslim Brotherhood since many years ago, and they opened for them the German Intelligence back doors in order to do whatever they want in the region.

Let me remind Mr. Lammert of the constant meetings between the Chief of the German Intelligence and Essam Al-Haddad, former chancellor in Berlin of Mohamed Morsi, former head of Egypt, in addition to other European countries beside Germany, in order to coordinate the situations between them, the time Muslim Brotherhood reached power in Egypt. These constant meetings were taking place away from the knowledge and the attendance of the Egyptian foreign ministry at that time.

Second, I remind Mr. Lammert that his country since the second world war and till this day, is forbidding the Nazis from practicing all kinds of politics or to establish a political party, or to even announce that they exist as an entity in any way. This Nazi group that has political and intellectual ideology and they are applying and practicing it with violence, exactly the same like Muslim Brotherhood.

Subsequently, the question that poses itself is: Why do you deny us the right of law enforcement, and you allow it for yourselves when it concerns the protection of the country and the society?!

Third, I also remind Mr. Lammert that West Germany before the reunification in 1990, did not succeed in containing the Red Army group, that was known as ” Baader-Meinhof Group” (or Baader-Meinhof Gang 1970 – 1998). In addition, West Germany was unable to stop the crimes committed by this group that was based on a political ideology believed in the eligibility of killing German policemen and judges.

The danger of this group grew in 1977, when they began a wave of terrorist attacks that traumatized the German society like no other events since World War II, dozens got killed and injured to the extent that West Germany at that time, called these terrorist attacks “the German Autumn“. (this is the same that Muslim Brotherhood and their followers are doing in Egypt.)

Since then, Germany is applying sentence for life on this group members. I wonder why Germany did not consider what happened at that time, that it was some kind of “freedom speech”, freedom of opinion and democracy, and why Germany did not consider to contain the “opposition”?!

It’s Odd that the creation and the development of the influence of this group in the German society, came in a similar circumstances to our situation now in Egypt.

This Red Army Group has been originated due to the revolutionary status among youth, and their rebellion on the country’s institutions and the family institution by the end of the 60’s. Which gave the Nazism the opportunity to penetrate the youth lines once again, and they were spreading doubts among them in all what the German country was doing for the economy advancement, and to regain strength after its collapse in world war II! Which made the German country to take all kinds of procedures against this group and against their supporters.

In addition to forbidden all kinds of their activities and chasing them to keep and to protect the German country that was seeking renaissance at that time.

Oh God! It’s like we are talking and describing our status, but Mr. Lammert sees that what we do is lessening from the human rights and it is a wasting of democracy, despite that it is exactly what his government did four decades ago!

For this, Mr. Lammert doesn’t have the right to characterize our situation or to accuse us of whatever occurs in his mind, because we are the ones who are aware of our own affairs.

Mr. Lammert must concentrate in the terrorist groups who live out there in Germany, and the swarms of returnees to Germany from the combat in Syria, in order for him to know how he will protect his community by the Law that we are applying here in Egypt.

Ask for support
Eman N.

I hope that this message will reach not only officials in Germany, but also all German citizens, because this message is what all Egyptians want to say to Germany.

Arden T.

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