President of the French RepublicPrésident de la République française
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Presidential emblem
Francois Hollande 2015.jpeg
IncumbentFrançois Hollande since 15 May 2012
Style His Excellency[1]
Member of Council of MinistersEuropean Council
Residence Élysée Palace
Seat Paris, France
Term length Five years Renewable once
Constituting instrument Constitution of the Fifth Republic
Formation 4 October 1958
First holder Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte 20 December 1848
Salary €178,923.72 (€14,910.31/month)[2]


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David Y.

Dear Mr. President, Majority Eritreans and I disagree with what Ambassador Susan Rice with evidently personal vengeance against the Eritrean president is venturing against the Eritrean people. Your Excellency’s intervention is very essential to secure the well-being of the well deserving Eritrean people. Enough damage has been done for decades, I think this time your office ought to make sure rule of law is materialized and sincerity is restored at the UN. David Yehdego....Eritrean-American in Los Angeles