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Suggested China policy




Due to long stint of Congress Govts in India , border defense management of the country has considerably weakened vis a vis China . While China has created good infrastructure like roads , rails and cantonments on its side of the border , India has done pretty little or nothing at all . The net result is that China is displaying its muscle power to India every now and then . China violates the sanctity of border with impunity at will . Successive Congress Govts at centre had avoided the settlement of border issue with China because of their weak and non serious policies towards China even while lot many opportunities were available to sort out and settle the vexing issues . Indian political leadership were short sighted and forgot the basic principal that opportunities come with a flicker and need to be grabbed immediately when surface . In matters of nation & public issues our politicians are pretty LAZY but in personal matters they act fast track .

Now India has reached a stage where it is in no position to face China and dictate terms to it . India is at the receiving end and China acts at will . Even if new NDA regime wishes to confront it , it will take some time for India to build border infrastructure and come out of sluggishness to stair China in the face.


With a view to live peacefully , most countries of the world have embraced one block of super powers or the other . That way they live peacefully without having to invest substantially on defense . India is an exception which wishes to live in its own make believe world of self pride and false status away from ground realities and without having gained any experience from time & events. India becomes magnanimous when it is called upon to support China for UN seat or Pakistan for Common Wealth or Non Aligned seat . But contrary is not true . China uses all tricks of diplomatic book at its disposal to deny India a seat in UN or a seat in Nuclear Club . Tonal quality of this failed Indian diplomacy has been set long back by Pt. Nehru and non of his successors had the guts to change this course of Indian Diplomacy .


One of the greatest fear in all Indian Political minds which has also been successfully implanted in the India public mind is that America is a hegemonist imperialist monster having intent to enslave India. Both Indian politicians and public feel that US should be kept at arms length and every time we must oppose any move US takes for world peace and harmony and that all its moves must be viewed with suspicion . This is cold war period Indian myth stemming from cold war days and has proved wrong since Vietnam war. But Indian diplomats & politicians seldom learn from world events . Had US been hegemonist , it would have stayed put in Vietnam at any cost but it was wise enough to change stand and correct course . US went to Iraq and pulled out after regime change . US went to Afganistan and pulled back after stablising democracy . Similarly US went to many other countries for re-establishing endangered peace for small periods and pulled back . Had US intention been undemocratic like BRITAIN in the past , it would have enslaved the countries it went into . For such a powerful country like US could not exited out against its own will. What this proves ? It proves that INDIAN politicians and diplomats were totally out of place in their assessment of US . Nor do they do course correction midway , based on events unfolding . IT PROVES BEYOND DOUBT THAT US HAS NO TERRITORIAL DESIGNS ON ANY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD . All that it is concerned about is world peace . If the world is progressing today , SAY THANKS TO US who is guarding world peace and dignity of human beings across the globe .

Look the Indian adamantile line of thinking . While India refused to support US on any world issues , it expected US to help, in its own foreign relations issues and relations with other countries and UN permanent seat . While hoards of Indians have been going to and migrating to US for decent living , successive Indian Govts have always been criticizing US policies to please socialist lobby within , cold war communism globally and communal Muslim World . Is it not height of INDIA hypocrisy ?


After articulating the above back ground briefly , I now wish to come to our China policy . In my opinion , India should take following steps to counter CHINA till it is in a position to stare CHINA in the face of its own .

1. India should reopen its stand on TIBET and support Tibet's cause for independence.

2. Allow US observation posts on HIMALAYAN border to keep eye on CHINA .

3. Take US and other countries help to rapidly build border infrastructure on its border with China .

4. Strengthen defense manufacturing sector with new technology based on 100% FDI.

5. Create new CANTONMENTS on China border .

6. Chalk out strategy to cut off TIBET from China in case of unforeseen war forced upon INDIA.

7. Encourage freedom movement in TIBET .

8. Offer refueling , port facilities and provisions replenishment & other essentials to US FLEETS stationed in INDIAN ocean and others visiting.

With these actions China will be forced to rethink on its relations and attitude towards India . Also as a positive fall out , CHINA's nefarious designs will be exposed to the world through active US MONITORING from observation posts . NDA Govt will be well advised to shun this age old doctrine of not allowing active engagement with US on our soil .



On 9th July 14, I have written part-I on "INDIA's CHINA POLICY"above. In the said email , I have proved beyond doubt that AMERICA poses no threat to INDIA's sovereignty & democracy . This was a myth created by communists , socialists and communal Muslims that US has bad designs on India's freedom . Now on, I wish to discuss , how INDO-US co-operation can safe guard India's sovereignty vis a vis China on following issues.

A. India has been dogmatically wooing the Muslim world for the past 70 yrs without any gain . In contrast to peaceful India , Muslim world never failed to support TERRORIST PAK on all issues including Kashmere . Basic tenants of Islam prohibit them to support India . Reason behind is only one ; " ISLAM DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE EXISTENCE OF ANY RELIGION , PHILOSOPHY , SECT OR CAST OTHER THAN ITSELF ". This is the reason why Islam is at war with every body in the world other than itself . No amount of wooing Muslims will be of any use . Muslims also do not recognize the sanctity of any agreement or pledge taken by them even voluntarily . Religion permits them to flaunt such agreements at will and as per the circumstance convenient to them to fulfill larger Islamic goals . Muslim countries and communities will never merge with the main stream because religion prohibits them to do so . Till such time this world is there , they too will be there . Only others have to learn living with them .

B. World defense technology is advancing so fast that any amount of investment and acquisition of costly armaments is insufficient to confront the enemy . Besides huge defense spending derails the the economic growth path of the importing countries . The only gainers are defense manufacturers , suppliers and middlemen . With this in view , many wise countries of the world have worked out strategic pacts, treaties or joined this or that block according to their respective security needs .

C. INDIA IS THE ONE COUNTRY AMONGST FEW WHO ARE LIVING IN FALSE SELF PRIDE OF NON ALIGNMENT . Compared to US , Indian economy is not even one tenth of US but India lives in false parity doctrine of its own making . However , India has the advantage of having world's richest youth manpower with 650 million citizens below age 35 yrs .Therefore need of the hour is the synergising the two biggest democracies of the world to create a formidable force to reckon with .


India and America are under threat from CHINA but of their own are not prepared to stand up to China for following reasons ;

1. After 2002 , India is psychologically not prepared to confront China though it is far well equiped now than before.

2. China is dodging the issue of border settlement with India with a view to keep pressure on India . Every now and then China indulges in border skirmishes and challenges border sanctity . Repeatedly violates border pacts .

3. On economic front , China has gone ahead of India due to totalitarian one party dictatorial regime . Western countries ignore China's human rights records for their own gains because of China opening up to them China's CHEAP LABOUR market and labour laws .

4. Since India's last war with Pakistan in 1971 , successive Congress Govts have become weak to take on Pakistan . In fact Pakistan needs to be taught a lesson through limited war every 10 years . Once PAKISTAN's back is broken, it remains in check for a decade . UPA Govt through its weak policies towards PAK has allowed its head swollen to indulge in TERRORISM AND BORDER INCURSIONS and sing KASHMERE tune .

5. Pakistan has been NUCLEAR armed by China clandestinely . PAK is now threatening neighbors with Nuclear bombs . Pakistan is also allowing China to build roads , rails and ports connectivity in its territory with motivated intent to ENCIRCLE India inspite of PAK's supporting Muslim separatists in China . Pakistan has given large parts of its Kashmere held areas to China to embarrass India .

6. China is out on its journey to encircle India by strengthening its presence in India's close neighbors like Pakistan ,ShriLanka , Myanmar , Nepal , Bhutan , Maldives etc .

7. China is asserting its hegemony in South China Sea over which it lays full ownership claim . China is also at territorial war with INDIA ,VIETNAM , COMBODIA , THAILAND , TAIWAN and JAPAN and others .


As China is in expansionist mood and going all out to encircle its neibouring countries , it has become unavoidable to sit tight and watch its nefarious designs from a distance . The affected countries need to encircle China in a befitting manner . My suggestion in this regard is following .

i) A Strategic defense partnership agreement should be worked out between INDIA , US , JAPAN , TAIWAN & ISRAEL to contain CHINA .

ii) A part or full Naval FLEET in Indian Ocean can be jointly owned & operated by US ,INDIA , JAPAN , TAIWAN & ISRAEL. US observation posts can be created in the friendly countries on their borders with China to pool Intelligence gathering networks.

iii) Simultaneously , economic trade , commerce , research , industry & business co-opration agreements should be worked out to create biggest trading group in the world.


There seems to be no other immediate solution to INDIA'S national security to contain these two notorious countries CHINA & PAKISTAN duo who will never ever mend their ways to live peacefully .

New Delhi .

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