Barack Obama
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44th President of the United States
In office January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017
Vice President Joe Biden
Preceded by George W. Bush
Succeeded by Donald Trump
United States Senator from Illinois
In office January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008
Preceded by Peter Fitzgerald
Succeeded by Roland Burris
Member of the Illinois Senate from the 13th district
In office January 8, 1997 – November 4, 2004
Preceded by Alice Palmer
Succeeded by Kwame Raoul
Personal details
Born Barack Hussein Obama II(1961-08-04) August 4, 1961 (age 55)Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Michelle Robinson (m. 1992)
  • Malia
  • Sasha
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Awards Nobel Peace Prize (2009)Profile in Courage Award (2017)

Middle East insanity

Published personally in today's press in Israel.

Please read this and exert all the power and influence that you can to end this current madness in the Middle East.

"I am an Israeli, a Jew, an Arab, but foremost a Humanbeing
In these troubled times, we, Israelies, are expetced to all unite, to choose one, clearcut identity. So I set out to find out: who am I? Firstly, my family, those I love, the desert landscape, that's me. Secondly, I'm a scientist fascinated by the molecular complexity of nature. Together with colleagues from numerous nationalities and religions (including Arabs), I explore this complexity. Thirdly, I love mountains, music (including Umm Kulthum), literature and food (and hummus in particular). I'm Jewish by religious origin and cultural heritage, an Israeli by nationality, and an Arab by ethnic origin and name, Saleh Dan Taufik, in this spelling that clearly “discloses” me. I have no intention what so ever of giving up any of these elements, or of being put in any compartment, or category, let alone one originating from predigidice, distorted views, blindly following fanatic preaching and political populism. I have a dialogue, affection, and a lot in common with many Arabs, but not with many Jews, certainly not with those trying to enforce opinions and beliefs which I do not share.
I detest the illusion of “unity”, as its lowest common denominator is hatred of Arabs in general and Arabs in Israel in particular. I denounce racism and the false concept of putting all Arabs in one basket, any one from Muhammad Deif (head of the Hamas’ militray wing) and a hommous maker from Ramleh. This racism primarily serves the goals of Hamas. Along the same vein, I denounce presenting all IDF soldiers as war criminals (including myself, since I served in the IDF as an officer (Major Ret.), and in Gaza and the Occupied Territories). If this is unity, I produly count myself out.
I am aware that I might receive insults and threats. Nevertheless, I adamantly refuse to hate, refuse to generalize, refuse not to lament the death of children, even if they lived next to a rocket launcher and their parents voted for Hamas – I lament their death along with the tears for our dead. I refuse to see any Muslim or Arab as my enemy, because, among my others identities, I am an Arab. The day when many more, here and there, will think as I do, would be a better day for us all.
Professor Dan, Salah Tawfik"

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