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Please we kindly require your attention! ‪#‎Scandal‬ in Albania.

Please we kindly require your attention! ‪#‎Scandal‬ in Albania.
Open Letter!
His Excellency Ambassador of the United States of America, Mr. Alexander Arvizu!
We kindly require your attention!
I am Edmond Vlashaj, Founder of “Vitrina” University and the Leader of the Political Party “New Albanian Movement” (Partia Levizja Shqiperia e Re).
My open and public pro-American attitudes are clearly known even before my Open and Public Attitude, pro-American Government Politics for the destruction of chemical weapons in Albania.
Last days, we have openly and publicly expressed support for the people and the State of Israel in its right to defend itself from Hamas rocket attacks. We have openly and publicly denounced radicalism and terrorism in Albanian lands in the Balkans.
We need your attention now!
On 6th August, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania through a process not based on the law and mostly through a process misguided and distorted, manipulated and misused by communist and Jacobin methods, has decided to expropriate “Vitrina” University and me, has decided to annihilate us without any trace of respecting stages of a legitimate and transparent process.
Everything was made without transparency, without legal process and without proper commitment of persons in legal and professional aspects.
In fact, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Rama, has set pointlessly to sentence with “Execution without trial” Vitrina University, me personally and my family.
It is an execution without trial as we are not allowed to pass in the process of trial in our court which is the International Accreditation Agency, as the National Council of Accreditation as an Independent Institution it is not credible for the Government of Albania.
The entire apparatus of the State and Public Administration is opposing Vitrina University starting a year ago with a humiliating speech of Prime Minister Edi Rama held in Parliament violating the durability and sustainability of Vitrina University. The mandate of the death penalty with execution without trial toward Vitrina University was signed since a year ago by the degraded mentioned speech by the Prime Minister in Parliament of Albania.
Actually, we are facing the decision of license revocation of Vitrina University and we do not have a legal justification in order to defend ourselves in Court.
We have reported a scandal that has to do with the use for fraud and for illegal benefit of the False Master Degree and False PhD by a very important Functionary of State directly involved in the running of the Commission of Higher Education Reform in Albania, totally in conflict of interest with Vitrina University as she has worked in great positions as the Vice-Rector.
Once we have confirmed and denounced in the prosecutor, we have demanded her resignation as ethics and accountability minimum of a public official as referring to these illegal and immoral circumstances.
This didn't happen but contrary, being at the process of investigation and trial, this High Functionary of the Public Administration in Albania is being protected illegally by her superiors, the Prime Minister and Deputy Minister of Education in contrary to every Western international practice and in such cases.
Today, on 15th August 2014, there was another illegal intervention of the Ministry of Education which publicly expressed in disparagement of our institution and in interference and illegal influence on a decision of the Administrative Court of First Instance. It is known that this process will go to the next stage of the Judgment on Appeal, and we are already hit in advance through illicit influence of the Ministry of Education's announcement, Mrs. Nikolla.
We only need your attention and for your intervention to protect the best western values in Albania which are going to be annihilated by the typical Communist and Jacobin’s methods.
Vitrina University is the only university that has openly, publicly and legally rejected the whole process of license revocation because we have evidences and we are convinced that what has happened to us is in contravention of the laws of the Albanian State and in flagrant violation of basic Human Rights, enshrined in all international conventions.
Vitrina University cannot be compared with any of the other universities whose license has been revoked, but in fact it is much better than many of Universities resulting "winners from this process".
Please, we do require Your Attention to verify the entire process of the license revocation of Vitrina University and to verify our entire Legal and Public Defense Process.
Edmond Vlashaj, Founder of Vitrina University, Tirana, Albania.
cel: sms 00355682067991
cel: sms 00355685411254
Facebook: Edmond Vlashaj.
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