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Religious liberties in Pakistan

“Pak - Christian Action for Israel”

Dear Viewer

This letter is based upon the Pakistani Christian’s religious freedom rights of pilgrimage, who wants to visit the Holy Bible Land of Israel, which is banned upon them, the 10 millions Christians citizen living in Pakistan, which they are facing as they are not allowed to visit the Holy Bible Land of Israel/ Jerusalem by the Pakistan Government since 1952.

This Pakistan is an Islamic state which was become and independent state in August 1947 from the British Empire. Now at present 10 millions Christians, people are living in Pakistan is the biggest minority of this Islamic state. Pakistan has not recognized the state of Israel up-till now, due to the reason of their sympathetic with the Muslim people of philistine.

It is a great honor/ privilege for us to raise voice in favor of the state of Israel, as we have committed and believed Al- Mighty God, and also we have love and affection with the Holy Bible Land and chosen nation of the Israel by the Al- Mighty God and we believed that we had been grafted with the olive tree of Israel.

It is our long standing dream/ desire to pilgrim visit and to offer our religious ritual obligations/ prayers in the holy bible land of Israel, as well as holy city of Jerusalem ( City of King David). But unfortunately every time there was a great hindrance from the extremist / fundamentalist people/ religious Muslim leaders between our demands.

There was many Jewish People residing in Karachi before the partition of indo- Pak before 1947, there was synagogue called Bani Israel Mosque, where in I have seen that in Sabbath day some Jewish peoples have come there to offer their Sabbath prayer, this synagogue was situated in the locality area of Rancohore lane, Karachi, Pakistan, now has been demolished and upon this place one building namely “MADIHA SQUARE” has been built- up and there is signs of one Jewish Graveyard in the same area.

God’s People Fellowship of Pakistan is religious Ministry who is struggling / endeavoring day and night for the Christian people’s religious rights of freedom in the Islamic state of Pakistan. In the year 1985 we had started a social/ Political organization in the name and style of “ Voice of the Christian Minority” for the purpose of betterment and resolving the religious difficulties of Pakistani Christians, latter on its name was changed as “ God’s People Fellowship of Pakistan” in the year 1990 we had started our hard struggles to pressurize/ urge to every Government of Pakistan and demanded for the recognized of the state of Israel on that time it was very hard/ difficult time for us take forward the favorable steps in favor of the Israel, as it was heinous crime/ sin in the eyes of fundamentalist/ extremist Muslim religious leader of Islamic Pakistan up- till now.

In the year 1995, we held first time a new press conference openly and without and fear, where in we had demanded to government of Pakistan to recognized the state of Israel and to establish diplomatic ties with it and Pakistani Christians peoples be allowed to visit of Holy Bible Land Israel.

In the year of 1997 we also had filed a constitutional writ Petition No. 1947/1997 against the federation of Pakistan for getting the relief (S) and Justice to go and visit pilgrim to the holy land of Israel. But due to our financial problems.

In September 12th 2003 a new press conference at Karachi press club was held by us, in which we once again urged/ demanded to the Government to recognized the state of Israel and Christian peoples of Pakistan be allowed to visit of holy bible land of Israel on Pak- Passports.

Dear Viewer,

In view of the aforementioned facts and circumstances / grievances we there fore humble request before your kind honor to look into the matter as special focus attention, gifts, moral supports/ help which can enable/ strength us to carrying on continuous our movement / mission in the Islamic state of Pakistan in favor of Israel, in which is not possible without your generous practical help. Kindly remember us absolutely and forever into your prayers. As prayers are always for the peace & protection, dignity, prosperity of the city of Jerusalem, as we believed.

You are therefore requested that use this letter for gaining world media favorable attention to solve our religious demand and use this into your electronic / press media propaganda in this way international community/ U.N.O. can imagine our religious rights which has been deprived us according to the universal charter of human rights upon which Pakistan has signatory.

I am waiting your good reply.
Thank you

Yours truly,

Ashraf P. butt
Sec- Gen-GPFP
International Representative CFI- Jerusalem
Visit us face book/ Gods People Fellowship of Pakistan

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