Donald Trump
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
45th President of the United States
Assumed office January 20, 2017
Vice President Mike Pence
Preceded by Barack Obama
Personal details
Born Donald John Trump(1946-06-14) June 14, 1946 (age 70)New York City
Political party Republican (1987–99, 2009–11, 2012–present)
Other political affiliations
Relations See Family of Donald Trump
Residence White House
Alma mater The Wharton School (B.S.inEcon.)
Net worth DecreaseUS$3.5 billion (March 2017)[1]
Signature Donald J Trump stylized autograph, in ink


On DACA, first off the program was illegal as it violated federal immigration law - 8 U.S. Code §1324 - Bringing in and harboring certain aliens.. it is Illegal to encourage, induce, or harbor an illegal alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, period. As long as this law exists you all have a problem and issue as you are breaking the law. Legally under the constitution and federal codes you can not make them citizens, they will remain aliens in the eyes of the law. The American people want the laws enforced! If they are here illegally then they should be deported, regardless if their parents broke the law for whatever reason. It seems that many or most came here to escape ( POVERTY ) that is not our problem, let them go create change in their native countries. Some came here to get away from ( CIVIL UNREST ) again NOT our problem, why are other nations problems and issues becoming ours as a nation? Send them home now that they are not kids and educated by our system, and let them make changes in their own nation by whatever means like our founding fathers did! The United States for far far too long has been a LIBERAL BLEEDING HEART for everyone in the damn world costing us billions if not trillions of dollars. WE AS A NATION JUST CAN NOT AFFORD THIS POLICY. And to top it all off most nations don't even appreciate the efforts of the United States and its generosity, hows that for a swift kick in the ***. HAS ANY NATION OFFERED US HELP IN PORTO RICO? How about in Texas, or down south like New Orleans? Nope....silence...we as a nation are ALWAYS rushing to help others and in return we got nothing, nodda, in some cases not even a sincere thank you. The United States must stop being the worlds " CHUMP " and wise up and make policy changes as we have been used and abused enough. I will not get into the good jobs some illegals take like plumbing and construction, the fact they HURT our economy by illegally sending their undeclared and untaxed monies to other counties to support their families well, or the associated crimes with doing this like money laundering, tax evasion, criminal enterprises like loan sharking illegally or gang operations and prostitution. Don't need them and we don't want them as a nation, we have our own people to take care of too! Jim sure could use that plumber's job, but he can't obtain it as the illegal or immigrant will do it for far far less money per hour being exploited by the business owner. With all the money spent of aliens and illegals between assistance for food, housing medical, education, and more we could be helping out OUR ELDERLY people who have worked and paid into the system and paid taxes for 60 again we have a BLEEDING HEART for EVERYONE but our own citizens and this must stop! Mary H. at 78 years old pays her living expenses and pays for her medications, she's handicapped and not able to work after years of hard labor in a factory. Now think of this, in her kitchen she scoops out catfood on to a plate and puts it in her microwave over, it's her dinner for the night believe it or not....would you it's it? it's all she can afford after all of her expenses...That is just NOT right! Screw the Illegals, screw the legal immigrants, and screw the people and nations that EXPLOIT US as a nation and people, we have had enough and can't afford it, we have our own to help now..

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