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my late husband's federal annunity left to me his widow, Nancy L.Buonlamperti

October 21, 2014

Dear President Obama:

My late husband Raleigh Paul Buonlamperti died in November 18, 2006. I was married to him for over 18
years and he was the love of my life, every day I miss him. He went to work at Travis AFB in California at
a very young age, his dream was to work for the federal government, his grandmother from Italy always told
him the American government was the best government in the world, and he always thought she was right
and he went to work at Travis AFB in 1962 and retired in 1996. He loved Travis AFB and working with
the military and his fellow civil service employees. After he retired, he continued to go up to Travis AFB
to visit his life long friends still there. Often I went with him, my father Joe Armstrong, was with President
Kennedy as a Secret Service agent when President Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas in 1963, my father
jumped in the limo and covered President Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy from further shots hitting them.
My father went on to have health clinics for depression, drinking etc., in Texas where he lived for many years,
and in the southeast and Midwest. I have two sisters from him, Paris and Elizabeth, I was not raised with
them and was raised by my mother, Mrs. Mary Helen Armstrong and my father's brother, Richard Armstrong,
until Richard's death in l957. I continued to live with my mother and spent many weeks during the year
with my biological father's mother and step-dad, Frank and Rika Anderson, my life long very loving
and caring and supporting grandparents. My mother on a scale of 1-10, 10 being high and 1 the lowest,
was about a 2 for motherhood. She only wanted one child and that was my older half sister Sue Armstrong
she raised only herself. My sisters, Paris and Elizabeth, are twins, from Texas born in California, I was
in Texas two years ago for awhile and found out I had two sisters there, and Joe Armstrong had just died,
and his widow was murdered in Port Arthur Texas around the first of February, 2013 and around the same
time my brother Dewitt was murdered in December of 2012 in Texas. Both deaths occurred in Texas,
I went through the deaths alone, and I also went through the death of my late husband alone, and
my good friend Dr. Frank Massey died three weeks after my late husband did, and I met a wonderful
man in February of 2007, and saw him for three months and then he died of a heart attack at age 59.
My late husband was only 64, and my friend Frank was only 62 at time of death. I then went through
breast cancer for nine months alone, with no help really from my older sister Sue Armstrong-Willippo,
or my other half sister out here Mary Dela Rose, or from my ex. husband of 35 years ago, Emmett Pipkin,
that also is my first cousin I found out 8 years after he and I split up back in l981, my mother Mary Helen Armstrong
also would not come to my late husbanbs funeral, or come to visit me at his death. Nor my two sisters out here,
or Emmett. I just found out regarding my two sisters in Texas, my Mother never told me the story of my sisters
in Texas, or of Joe Armstrong, but I do recall visiting Joe in Texas in l958 and speaking with him on the phone
several times in my life. He asked me to come and live with him when I was 11, I said my mother needed me
and he said, I could go to Forida State University where he went to college and take overhis health clinics
when I was older. My mother always pretends she needs help to prevent me from success or education or
promotion in the work place and my older sister, Sue Armstrong Willippoo and ex.husband Emmett Pipkin
also prevent me from working today by stalking me and going to my perspective employers and slandering
my name, nickpicking on me for whatever their reasons, and leaving me a very poor widow, and I lost
my home to foreclosure two years ago and was starving as a women living alone and my sister's Sue
Armstrong Willippo and ex.husband Emmett Pipkin, and their friend Ed Attwood, you know Ed, he
was a hero at the Bay of Pigs, you gave him a award a year or two ago, he gave me a lot of problems
when he rented a room from me in 2008, he drank a lot and was a drunk and took illegal drugs and
had a lot of prostitutes over to my home, which was a Christian home, and then I was sexually abused by
him and his friends and illegally drugged by them, he is a very good friend of my older sister's Sue
Armstrong Willippo and Emmett Pipkin, then when finally I got him out of my home four years later,
he game back and was stealing food from me and another friend of my sister's was also coming in
and stealing food, his name was Ed Moore. I am diabetic and I went from 150 lbs down to 116 lbs.
in two months because I could not afford to replace the food that was being stolen from me at
my home in Vallejo, California, and the Vallejo Police would never help with it or come by when
I called for help, I have a psychosis and my sister and ex.husband always make a big deal out of it
and create stigma for me which runs every one away unfairly from me and leaves me with no help available,
and alone and if I speak up to get help or get upset, I am retaliated against by my older sister and
ex.husband and Ed Attwood and Ed Moore, and get really mentally sick and go homeless and this
has been the pattern for a very long time being stalked by my older sister Sue Armstrong Willippo,
and Emmett Pipkin.

My concern is Emmett Pipkin and my older sister, want my federal annuity to discontinue to me by forcing
me into poverty and unusual hardship with possibly losing my federal annuity and they hated my late
husband for leaving it to me, and their is word that my late husband was murdered and a trail that was
held in California back in 2012 regarding his death and the loss of my brother and my biological
father's death and his wife murdered, left me alone and ending up homeless because my ex.husband
Emmett Pipkin and Ed Attwood did not like me returning from Texas and living in Vallejo, Californa
where I had lived for 30 years and I got kicked out of Vallajo by force and then I moved to Hercules,
California, and my ex.husband Emmett Pipkin and my younger half sister knew my landlord and
again I was forced out of Hercules Califonria and ended up taking the bus to Los Angeles,
and finally there I was able to grieve for three unborn babies I had years ago that I never grieved
for and held the pain in for 33 years and finally left alone long enough to grieve, I did end up
homeless in Los Angeles, but where I was staying as homeless in Simi Valley, California, they
had a good program for the homeless, all the churches there opened up their churches for places to
eat and sleep for the homeless, and I met a fella who was a former Marine by the name of Chris Congelos,
and he was a senior and disabled like me, and he was just being nice and told me where to go to sleep
and where to go for food, and I had a car, to get around to these places, and he was really a God send,
I met him at the library in Simi Valley last December, 2013, two months before I became homeless,
and he was just a great man and he himself homeless, and sent by God later in my distress as a homeless
woman in Simi Valley California, going through grief with heartache and I think this man is wonderful
and terrific and you should know of men like him who have served this country and still, in their hours
of difficulty hisself, he was helping so many people I came to find out who were homeless.
He recommened the Samaritan Center in Simi Valley that also would help me and I went and it was
great, they help so many people there at this center. I inherited from my late Father Joe Armstrong's
estate several million dollars, that my ex.husband Emmett Pipkin stoled from me a couple of months ago,
and I totally planned with the money to give back to Chris Congelos and the people I met who were his
friends and at the Samaritan Center, donate to them for the good that they do. I require help because the
money came in th email to me, from the estate of Joe Armstrong and was stolen from my mail box
and also from P.O.Box 481, Vallejo California. My ex.husband thinks he has been appointed to do what
he wants with the money and who he wants to pay for whate4ver he thinks someone should get out of the
money I inherited. He embezzled the money, Emmett Eugene Pipkin, III, and Ed Attwood wants a peace
of the cake and I will go poor more so if my federal annunity is taken away by you, you will be contacted
by friends Emmett Pipkins and my older sister Sue Armstrong Willippo, Emmett Pipkin's father, Emmett
Pipkin, II, had friends in powerful places in the Senate and the House, and will go to you to try and
turn you against me to lose my federal auunity. Please check with John Berry, former Directed of OPM,
he knows me and my life story and my family and late husband Raleigh Buonlamperti and how much
my ex.husband Emmett Pipkin and my older sister Sue Armstrong Willippo, always have b een taking
me to federal court to take away my federal annunity behind my back in recent years and I have gone
without so much, especially when married to Emmett Pipkin, in 1981 and 1980, 1982, 1983, until I
met and married my late husband Raleigh Buonlamperti, he was the best thing that happened to me
in my life besides St. Basil's Catholic Church, in Vallejo California and meeting Chris Congelos in
Simi Valley.

I would like to request from you President Obama, that I continue to receive my federal annunity for lifetime,
and although I did not vote for you the secone time around, that you have no hard feelings toward me,
in this country we are free and have free will without influence, and I made another choice last voting time
for President. If Hillary runs I am voting for her and keep the Democrats in office, (please do not tell anyone)
it is a secret.

How is your golf came, please say hello to Michele, I like her as first lady real well, she does a great job,
and because I did not vote for you, does not mean that I disagree with everything you do, on the contrary,
you inherited a very rough road. Good job done. I love my country, it is the best in the world, I am
so proud to receive my federal annunity, I am semi-retired forced by my sister and ex.husband from
working, but as soon as I can, I do not quit from looking for work, I will work again, I will be happy
to pay more taxes, I still pay taxes now and I owed Social Security Admnistration $44,000, and got
them finally paid off, I worked while being disabled against medical advice for years, I would rather
work anyday, today I am 64, and will work again. I will find a way I believe, I enjoy working,
and challenges, and now I am going also back to school to obtain my AS degree in science and
I also love school. I rent a room from really nice couple, Richard and Esparanza Bensen here
in Fairfield, CA., the home of Travis AFB, they are Mexican and so wonderful, she is from Mexico,
I have six roommates, we all share a great big house, it is really wonderful, and they open up their doors to
strangers, a very nice couple, Richard and Esparanza Benson.

Please do not allow my ex.husband Emmett Pipkin and Sue Armstrong Willippo to keep me from working
and going to school, and from stalking me. I do not go into their lives, they need to leave me alone,
I would like to have a boyfriend. Chris Congeles was cute, I liked him, I just was not sure if it was mutual.
But I am from Northern California, this is my home, and I wanted to come home to Travis AFB nearby.

Yes, I am a naïve California, and I shall workagain, it is the American way, my whole family has either been
civil service or in the military working is only natural, hope my health holds up, thanks for taking the
time to read this, I am alone in the world really, I go to church, it is the way to go for me. St.Basil's Catholic
church, I am in the Legend of Mary Ministry, I love my sisters there and my other sisters at St. Basils,
I have gone there for 28 years, my late husband and I volunteered there for many years, I miss him
so much. Please do not take away my federal annuity, I have some social security coming in,
but my federal annunity is my prize given by my late husband as a gift to me. Please see John Berry,
former member OPM.

What are you going to do once you retire? Why don't you and your family start some type of a foundation,
maybe for children, to open doors for education for them. Opportunity, in this country, we have opportunity
for one and all, the magic of this great country, how blessed you are to be President of the United
States of America, I salute you.


Mrs. Nancy l. Buonlamperti
1533 Empire Street
Fairfield, CA 9533

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