Please save thousands of dogs from torturing and mutilation next month

My name is Rosalind T. Grogan I am a mother of 4 children and 2 mastiff bull kids. I have been married for 17years and a professional nurse. I am writing to you because my family and I along with many friends and compassionate, just and civil people all around the world are gravely concerned about the pending Yunlin dog meat festival.
No where in our world is this type of torturing just, not even for a rat.Dogs and cats are domestic animals. The bond they share with mankind closely immulates the love and loyalty of family members and friends. They are protecters, rescuers, guides for the blind, intervening to prevent symptoms of various disease and disorders, emotional support friends and more. They are innocent creatures most of all. Could you sit by callous and allow many valuable companions of your life mutilated and tortured to death. They are being skinned alive. Thesr types of assaults cause a living being to feel as though 100,000,000 needles were stabbing them all at once. We can no longer accept cruelty and 00abuse to this degree of agony. I am not going to make this about wether or not dog meat is consumed, it's about disallowing the gross infliction of pain and suffering to a living, breathing life form. So, please take the opportunity to be a part of change that will spread compassion and encourage civility and morale
Sincerely yours

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