Her ExcellencyDalia Grybauskaitė
Dalia Grybauskaite 2014 by Augustas Didzgalvis.jpg
8th President of Lithuania
Assumed office 12 July 2009
Prime Minister Andrius KubiliusAlgirdas ButkevičiusSaulius Skvernelis
Preceded by Valdas Adamkus
European Commissioner for Financial Programming and the Budget
In office 22 November 2004 – 1 July 2009
President José Manuel Barroso
Preceded by (Budget)
Succeeded by Algirdas Šemeta
European Commissioner for Education and Culture
In office 1 May 2004 – 11 November 2004 Served with Viviane Reding
President Romano Prodi
Preceded by Viviane Reding
Succeeded by Ján Figeľ (Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism)
Personal details
Born (1956-03-01) 1 March 1956 (age 61)Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR, Soviet Union
Political party Communist Party (Before 1990)Independent (1990–present)
Alma mater Saint Petersburg State UniversityGeorgetown University

Truth and the mind.

Most of us long for peace, love and security. We are all responsible to help shape institutions and serve the needs of the world under the auspices of universal concern. The world is immersed in hatred and killing for religious or political reaons and it's almost another world war. We all know that if it escalates to a nuclear holocaust there will be no victors because ther will be no survivors. Being right and making others wrong is the mind's most powerful weapon and we must realize that the mind is a necessary servant but a deadly master.

Scientifically advanced nations are devising bigger and better ways to slaughter more and more people. but science and technology cannot replace the age-old power of spiritual energy and compassion. Religions arose in the attempt to bring love and kindness to the people of the world. It should not be about trying to convert others to our own belief system but for all religions to come together and welcome each other, regardless of race or ethnicity. Without this, peronal happiness and world peace are out of the question.

Globalization and modern communications, together with international trade means that the world is becoming smaller and more interdepenndent. We need one another more than ever befoe. One nation's problems cannot be solved by that nation alone and a universal approach to world problems is our only hope, regardless of race, religion or political affiliations..

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