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VA miss conduct, my dad died too and didn't have to. Washington State VA

May 23, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,
My husband went to the VA clinic here in Richland, WA with the complaint of extreme headaches, dizziness, nausea and vertigo. This went on for several years under the care PA Allen. His condition deteriorated over the years without even as much as a cat scan or even an ex-ray! He was also seen in Walla Walla, WA several times only testing his hearing which was always fine. He was then sent to Spokane, WA and then Seattle VA hospital several times too (all of these being VA Hospitals/clinics) 2-3 times, again was NEVER admitted or even treated in any way for the pain in his head. It took months in between appointments to even be seen at all just for them to do nothing!
After the PA Allen that so called “treated him” for several years a new PA replaced him at the Richland, WA VA clinic, his name is Boswell PA. Again after 3-4 months wait Thomas Grejdus (my deceased husband) was able to see him. At that time he actually ordered a CAT scan of his head at the VA Hospital in Portland, OR. They found a tumor exactly where I kept telling them something was wrong, in the back of his head. The doctor said that surgery was needed and the rate on this particular tumor and place has a 99% success rate. But needed to be done right away.
BUT, after waiting for yet several months again for another appointment to schedule this surgery, he became bed ridden for almost a year too dizzy to get up and move around without getting sick or falling down. We tried taking to the local hospitals too just to be told that he needed to go to a VA hospital where the expense was covered.
The pain was so severe that he even lost consciousness a couple of times; he was just on pain medication to help until he could be seen, but it was literally months in between appointments. We begged them to do something to fix this but to no avail.
My husband, Thomas M. Grejdus died July 19th, 2013. About 30 minutes prior to that, my son’s wife stopped by to give back some dishes I’d let them barrow and said that he didn’t even recognize her which she immediately told my son, her husband Mark and my other son Daniel, that there was something really wrong. They went back over there to check on him (I was gone with my daughter at the time) and got no answer to their knocking, the doors were locked and our puppies were going crazy so they broke into the house through a window just to find my husband- their dad on the kitchen floor unresponsive, CPR didn’t work, he was gone!!!
The truly sick thing about this is, IT DID NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN… He did NOT have to die!!! I lost my love, my kids lost their dad and my grandbabies lost their ONLY grandpa “papa” for something that could have been completely fixed and gone and given the quality of life that he so very much deserved! He was an honorable man, a chaplain for the police and fire dept.’s here. Was a fire fighter for many years after being a NAVY SEAL for 3 tours in Vietnam- which they will refuse to confirm for me for the purpose of getting any widow benefits? This is so sick, criminal and evil and something needs to be done!
The way we were treated while he was alive (he was only 64 when he died-he had a lot more to give) is so beyond anything that we could have ever imagined and not wanting to think that this could actually kill him (Never told it is life threatening), for we always thought that IF we did lose him sometime down the road, it would be his heart- for he had had open heart surgery many years before… It IS criminal- simple.
If this were to happen to someone “important” or anyone that is NOT or ever has served in the armed services and went to a doctor of their choosing and this happened- the doctor would NOT be working anymore and they’d own the hospital. What is wrong with this country that so many great men have died to protect?
I WANT some answers and I do NOT want this to happen to anyone else- ever!!! My heart is so raw and broken and I have NO clue how I am suppose to live without him, I am so sick and sad and broken that life just simply seem pointless to me. He was my best friend, my life and he was so very loved by so many. This has affected so many people forever and this type of thing has to be stopped-NOW. I will NOT be silent until the day I die about the abuse of our vet’s. You can be assured of that.
PLEASE, I am begging ALL of you that I am sending this to, PLEASE give me answer’s and FIX this mess!
This letter is being sent to the following people;
President Obama AND his wife Michelle Obama
Patty Murray
(Doc Hastings has already been notified) but getting this too
Maria Cantwell
KOMO News- KEPR News- KDNU-CNN- FOX News-Lewis Kamb with the Seattle News (wants an interview) and anyone else I can think of. For someone is going to listen to me, his life is not going to be ignored and he is not going to be forgotten- ever!
Thank you any help on this that you may provide,

Edna Kay Grejdus
P.O. Box 6705
Kennewick, WA 99336
509-396-2981 Hm. 509-366-6573

Ask for support
Debra R.

My heart goes out to you. I lost my husband through similar circumstances but he refused to use the VA and I paid a lot to insure him so he could be seen by the best doctors and he still died after being exposed to the herbicides in Vietnam. May God have mercy on us all. God Bless you mam.