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Can you please help free my dad?

June 1, 2014

RE: My Daddy

Dear Mr. President,
I am writing you this letter today on behalf of my family. My Grannyma turned 90 years old this year and the one prayer she prays for everyday is to bring my daddy home. He is 64 years old this year and has been in prison for almost 30 years of a 137 year sentence now; for a first time drug offense. I know he was guilty of making some stupid choices when he was young, but he has paid the price. We all have. He still has so much to offer and is a wonderful man. Somehow he has kept his humor, his faith and lived through so many bad things in there, but never let it break his spirit. He has always helped others, he has been an inspiration to many, and the best teacher and father I could ever ask for. His love and devotion never waivers.
Everyone that was involved in his case have since been set free or died. The thought of him dieing in that aweful place breaks my heart. I know you get tons of letters every day but I was hoping that today my voice could be heard just this one time. I was so angry for so many years about the corruption that was involved in his case on the court’s behalf and he would always say “pray for them doodle and don’t let them anger you” but being human I can’t help it. We have told ourselves for years that maybe he was meant to go there to do good things and he has. You can check his record and see that he has been for a lack of a better phrase a “model inmate”. He likes to work, loves his family and should be given a second chance at life not thrown in a hole die. I believe if he were set free he would help this world be a better place.
If you could find it in your heart to help me make this one prayer for my Grannyma, my dad and myself come true I would be so grateful. I lost my mom to cancer last year and I have no regrets because she knew til her last breath how much I love her. I would like to do the same for my Granny now. I know we are never promised tomorrow, but I would give anything if she could see him walk through her front door with a big ol hug and know that her son were free before she passed away.
His name is Larry Cullum. Prison number 48858-080 Beaumont TX

Thank you for your time.
God Bless
Christi Cullum-Fawcett
462 FM 3266 Palestine, TX 75801

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