President of the Federative Republic of BrazilPresidente da República Federativa do Brasil
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IncumbentMichel Temer since 31 August 2016
Style Mr. President or even simply President(informal) Most Excellent Mr. President of the Republic(formal) His Excellency(alternative formal, diplomatic)
Residence Palácio da Alvorada
Seat Brasília
Term length Four years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Deodoro da Fonseca February 26, 1891
Formation Proclamation of the Republic November 15, 1889
Salary R$320,678 annually[1]

I am ashame of you

Im from Venezuela, and i´m ashame. I feel shame that your government is silent about the masacre that the people of Venezuela is suffering. Your silence is a shame for latinamerica.

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