Vladimir PutinВладимир Путин
Putin with flag of Russia.jpg
2nd and 4th President of Russia
Assumed office 7 May 2012
Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov Dmitry Medvedev
Preceded by Dmitry Medvedev
In office 7 May 2000 – 7 May 2008Acting: 31 December 1999 – 7 May 2000
Prime Minister Mikhail KasyanovMikhail Fradkov Viktor Zubkov
Preceded by Boris Yeltsin
Succeeded by Dmitry Medvedev
Prime Minister of Russia
In office 8 May 2008 – 7 May 2012
President Dmitry Medvedev
First Deputy Sergei Ivanov Viktor ZubkovIgor Shuvalov
Preceded by Viktor Zubkov
Succeeded by Dmitry Medvedev
In office 16 August 1999 – 7 May 2000Acting: 9 August 1999 – 16 August 1999
President Boris Yeltsin
First Deputy Nikolai AksyonenkoViktor Khristenko Mikhail Kasyanov
Preceded by Sergei Stepashin
Succeeded by Mikhail Kasyanov
Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Union State
In office 27 May 2008 – 18 July 2012
Preceded by Viktor Zubkov
Succeeded by Dmitry Medvedev
Leader of United Russia
In office 7 May 2008 – 26 May 2012
Preceded by Boris Gryzlov
Succeeded by Dmitry Medvedev
Secretary of the Security Council
In office 9 March 1999 – 9 August 1999
President Boris Yeltsin
Preceded by Nikolay Bordyuzha
Succeeded by Sergei Ivanov
Director of the Federal Security Service
In office 25 July 1998 – 29 March 1999
President Boris Yeltsin
Preceded by Nikolay Kovalyov
Succeeded by Nikolai Patrushev
Personal details
Born Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin(1952-10-07) 7 October 1952 (age 64)Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Nationality Russian
Political party Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1975–91)Our Home-Russia (1995–99)Unity (1999–2001)Independent (1991–95; 2001–08)United Russia (2008–present)
Other political affiliations People's Front (2011–present)
Spouse(s) Lyudmila Putina (m. 1983; div. 2014)
Children 2 including Katerina Tikhonova
Residence Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow, Russia
Alma mater Saint Petersburg State University
Awards =Order of Honor of the Russian Federation Order of Honour
Website Official website
Military service
Allegiance  Soviet Union
Service/branch KGB
Years of service 1975–1991
Rank CCCP air-force Rank podpolkovnik infobox.svg Lieutenant colonel


I am so disgusted with what you are doing in the Ukraine. We in the US know that you are controlling the sepratist. You need to tell them to back off and let the investigators do their jobs at the crash site. My god! There are still bodies and parts of bodies along with personal belongings there and the families want closure.
We know you want to bring Russia back to the super power it once was. Guess what moron, you will always be our b****. Get it through your thick KGB skull, you will never, ever be a super power again. You are trying to be the big bully on the block but really what you are is a jackass.

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Kamil B.

Дорогой Президент Владимир Путин! Я благодарю Вас за ваше мужество и решение отправить гуманитарный груз на родину моей матери. И вот что открыл мне Иисус - Престол царя утверждается правдой, война на Украине прекратится скоро а победа достанится тем которые избрали пути правды мира и правосудия где ты видел (сказал мне Иисус) чтобы Я поддержал клятвопреступников, лжецов и нацистов. Во второй мировой войне небыло такой странны в которой я не видел греха так почему-же одним победа а другим поражение? Потому-что они убивали мой народ Израиль и Я не допустил нацизму победы, так вот вчера сегодня и вовеки Я Тот-же. Уважаемый Президент я буду молится за вас и родину моей матери.