My name is cody i received the title of governor of the french from some of the work i completed.

Now germany is getting over populated and i was inquiring about going to cuba with british forces taking a cocaine plant (electric train from the docking part to the center building a cocaine harvest and then electric training to the coast nearest to the usa and then liberating them with the cocaine industry being its legal to provide pure cocaine as is in a medicine dose which will gain votes and bring into presidency and liberate them from the isis (hollywood -
the jews ='s isreal,) that has invaded them) this will thus open up room for the over populated germany and lower the risks of war with them by selling them some of the northern portions of france and giving france a new summer home. Should run an idea before all white nations to make it illegal to have military within the european zone and march armys to all the outskirts of the white races.

Laws: legally aloud to medicine dose drug addicts
legally not aloud to make more than the cost of replacing the building
Bank laws: lifetime loans on housing
bank interest build laws: lowest to highest accounts and highest to lowest accounts
law: legally aloud to sell defend beings that cant self defend itself
law: copy right law is copy righted to the subject matter
copy right law be it only copy rightable for the lifetime of the copy righter giving next generation a chance ( so take human population divided by worth of copy right and theres the provided amount of copy rightable income to the individuals that complete the terms of the copy right.
and more.
im just out of time for today

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