Donald Trump
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45th President of the United States
Assumed office January 20, 2017
Vice President Mike Pence
Preceded by Barack Obama
Personal details
Born Donald John Trump(1946-06-14) June 14, 1946 (age 70)New York City
Political party Republican (1987–99, 2009–11, 2012–present)
Other political affiliations
Relations See Family of Donald Trump
Residence White House
Alma mater The Wharton School (B.S.inEcon.)
Net worth DecreaseUS$3.5 billion (March 2017)[1]
Signature Donald J Trump stylized autograph, in ink


How are you?
Self. No selfies. Note too myself...
Stolen from Pretty Barbie... Sofia! mommy! Ask about Tennis or golf. New golf shoes and new hat's on the weekend.
I was the first fosterkid too have extreme bipolar tendancies (and the weather be like deuxh!) dough* aka duh. and too constantly have too be depressed about sizes of shoes and things... it meant shopping with cute boys and holiday things? Stupidest purchase adulthood is a Banana about 6' too teeny. ...anywho- Nope. mmmhmm. So. The lake looks beautiful... That sort of thing... Drinks. Holiday drinks is the new rehab. Like a new Pokemon Marshmallowed Martin's Special from some weird FedEx company that is from LA
That brings you new drinks. Then again Conswquella was first of la partes rendezvous idiot to request first Starbucks in Penticton maybe Canada since back in 99. Runaway and no job no boobs no sexy shoes poor children Soup Kitchen Kristina Proskows grandpa donated $100,000 too back in 2000-2003. Hop on Sabrina's Sun-Rype truck one drive away from Spanish look Village spoke Beaver boy Aunty thinks Shelby or Brina like in far near future maybe.... Only if look like pregnant a la tour bus no hippie.

B: My 1st passport is dark brown almost black colour eyes will come attach with Book for Glorious Child Psychologist for mrs.Bille:Proskow Uhm. Danny guy . can't remember last name for now. Natasha is crying. Probably wants shower... Yeah... Sabrina- Sabrina say look like Swaggeror pretty French Dane while wet.
Next we need $50m by age 50 so Brina can keep calling fostercare Orphan money and I can be single Barbie.=:) 1.2nd is Blue Green Yellow. 1sec...

Now what's next?
Hanging out
Finding a ... A man too cherish. Hmm.
Being upset. Loving nothing in life.
Finding funny weird American twin.
Dying one day... Looking for even a single friend that doesn't think I'm a total liar. Starting a pumpkin seed business poor wstern city enjoy like cookie from Not being put up for adoption on multiple locations. Not living too long. That takes the fun out of looking for place forB too live before become BjHooker like Tiffany...

Hookahing. Nope.
Chilling. Dance? Like cowgirl maybe...
Reading.yes. peace at last.
Still single...yay.
Still trying too get a husband.
Not having a singer friend.
Not having a single friend. (+|$)
Not having a serious bodybuilding work out is my treacherous friend. Not having a sugar daddy or a mommy for Egyptian White looking Sabrina when Having little orphan lips and Chinese eyes. Looking cool. Finding a type. Looking like a begger. (Only in front of Bob) and Being a big baby. Being stupid my whole life. In dumb Enspaniel... What's not too hate?.
My shoes too nice.
And my canteloupes thirsty. Brb.

What about having a Stalker try too kill me? The cops slated that guy pretty good guy end band and ask Tan guy about new maps with heat from Sabrina ex cop military guy dad Darcy. Thank god he got in on time. He protect like meh Brozza!!
Kinda strange. Now I have a best-friend that's a teddy bear. Bear guy loves beds headband and baths. Maybe need glitter.headbands with Sparkles. Oh no. No I can smell shit of a human. That's okay. Atleast Johnny guy from P.e teach me Spanish Electric guitar and Tennis early. Mr.#!#!#!#!#! doesn't like me late. I show up early. Pick glamorous pretty early. New shoes. New sparkly Pencils and new Violin. Take Piano maybe...

And now im dealing with witnessing the smell of a dead baby prostitute on too many Pean***s shows.... Ive put too much on B. little Beavitt won't leave it on Empty. P.G T. smelled that before. Love new TV.GOING FOR BALLET OR TABLE TENNIS LESSON. Neither has cool guy cool guy PLAYED. at least when your best friend is a teddy bear... You never had too have issues like 1.) Having issues. 2.) Being ABUSEDBY BOY UNDER 16 with cupboard doors and basketball. 3.) having total reprehending issues...

Trudeau? Unsure. & wait.. Thought barbie... Barbie was like Mommy I mean. That was scary. I was like oh no. I seen that. I came out of that. Didn't I? Didnt I? And she goes? Excuse you Bee! No more cute boys... !Mommylikes... Mm .
We come from the land of the unspoken.
For... What purpose? :) 3good. 2 tree.
Nine men. old house with house with. shellac wall made of glass rocks and beautiful bush withpetalbuds on...

3 wife Pool anf Nice luxurious pony-tail. Softer pussywillow trees puppy from sad adoption. Possible first 3some with Ashton Kutcher... Megan Fox... Yes. Megan Fox. Lindsays uh... Yeah. Une Bella Vita I suppose. ;)

Oh no... Oh no... At least some fams\fans do it properly. Like no. No you didn't have too be like bye next chapter. But you did. But you did...
That's what you did. So deal with it.
I could only be so cool. You lost too many children they said. Yup. Subs a f*** Duck with pretty piece of bread. Name a girl Sabrina and thing you know Diamonds pregnant Because guys like sandwhich mmhmm. That or housewife and housebanned. My grammar is properly inter-ceptually pheasable :)
Yay. Like my Hot Boyfriend who eat Bagel and look like Littleton Fracois Dicky...
(Not same character as Barack ; Sabrinas daddy from his olden time taxi sales. ?) Idk Y. I don't know U. But you text me. I know you do. Well... I'm kinda hoping mom bunny hopped around like a Cardi Bird. ''verse3.34:7-34'' da Bibel. Energizer bunny on marrienacsci... mathematical historical steroids... Kind of like Brave heart on new Gucci bag r church songs from Down there in Paris and Fendi-Prada Candy Smell on pretty Leather furniture. In ways. In ways I don't think feather coat
Shall I close the door? I wauondered.
So then its too funny. Drug dealer says write a book. So you write a book. Scar. Teacher says write a line so you say no?
Oh no way :) I know. I know. Do I f*** with the ex??? He'll yeah I do. Canada grace With Dad Eh ! ?
So tomorrow Bee go to Preschool and then we take her Maths away. She didn't like "math"### !!! Say Teacher talk "distant-obnoxious-culted" speedy talking pretty brown girl language. Y.w. Suhki.{:-8)
(Kyler Carnie's Girl friend)
Do I draw a space^ there???
We both f*** same-guys hair up?! Maybe... One day!? Like Idk. I'm 16.75years old technically. Because 18 months when baby... Technically... I could be more like Mom maybe. Yeah. Like Mom. No big difference... I like how your aged twin f-c· with me... I mean my thoughts too. Nothing else. Still have Virgin... Phonecase. Idk Y but it says "VIRGINS RULE" And he just thinks your far too pretty... Especially too chat on new Email thing that bother Trevor Travis and 5-0. Beau legit. They Think your far too pretty though. To be actin all Theify, Snatchy, Grabby and Prude. I just knew what is I be eh Mar by taiho definitely be like... Uh???? 3 -- Like eating celery or apple tomorrow during lunchtime. I just knew it. I knew what I'd be doing tomorrow. Tasha and Jamie. Tasha and Jamie... And Brat Incest from Brina and her Twin again. BabyWedding too cute though. Nice. Nice catch- like Chastity belt with special butt plug plugbuilt in. For that too 'special'. Oh god :) Out of respect for our parents couldn't we all just hi five and die one day? Lands? Nope? Okay no scary night time thinking... Didn't think so... Dun na na na na n.a. na na na na na na na na. Na na nag. Nah. Nah hell nah. Dabrinas book is too good. It look like retard words... On big nice back of Bigger shiny pretty Canadian Piece of scrapbook paper. (Fileisnailsreading) One word.
But Sabrina will never forget how she's f***in up Barbies ex boyfriends hairdo. hairdo. Infamous Cory Hartwood. Work. Hartford. Hardvard... Whatever. He from back of cereal box but different... Hockey!!! ;*
3 So yeah... My moms like.... Oh no. Oh no we go too the show. Oh no... Which pants I wear? oh no! Tasha loves her funny f***edup children's novels made for adult size but for underage children too read. And den you got girls dat got no bumb. Uh oh. next chapter. You just wait until you work out hardcore... Bad apples be 18 looking about 24. 25. I said no!!! Mom... Dress or Casual business skirt look Better!!! ;)

No!!! You can't do that too a poor young lady. Your not allowed too. They make sure pretty girls pair with good people. B rule. Guys just cheat anyways.
I just !!!!! in my spanks a little. Great. Wonder if ill get rid of that ugly problem with science before I graduate. Bs says is jealous of young lady lace. No B. Not Yeeet!!!!!!!!! :0
Walking around :-O we are giving blonde and deaf people jobs in each others face and things. So I knew. So what!? Game is OKAY- Looks like Montreal is winning again. Stephe likes Basketball but I prefer softer maybe.We like too read and write ads on TVs AND THINGS-
We spend money- bye!
We smoke money- bye! (Ew)
We eat trees- and I think Miniwheats made of trees like cardboard box but different... T.y Sugar.
We still play with daddy
Were hongrey and salut-eh and maybe shy but why why? Why like Sam and be vindictive... vandictive!!! I love being in Osoyoos for Timeshare home. It like Spanish Mexican jiggly dance party. But more Shea LaBuff !
Were honest shallow and mean (to oneself) maybe win lottery one day. Buy house with big yard pool and lillyfrog for kids if have some... Pink bikini. Lesbian boyfriend jeans with holy rips.
We have diaries (too hopefully thyself)
We are a pledge of allegiance -v-_-v-(burger!notincludedinpicture yea?.... Yeah). So... I like Jake. Jake look cute and tummy is scrumptious. FireskyShots.
We are cute and smart and hypocritical
We are intelligent- (Like DAD AND MOM.) especially mommy with boots and Nice belly kisses too Baby. Where baby gonna end up in 2020... We don't know. We are sexy but not that good enough to steal baby- too gross for many boys in yard at all times. With ball fly in pool fence again. Gross! Ouch :0 boys only. We spend too many hours worrying (nail filing with jealous girl Bean Sabrina Bille JillyBean ugly saucy look on Baby's face.) Stupid yellow dress. From short people store. bmBefore cry and decaffinate. About what other people think- he gets too look at my diary- One day. Might show BF/Colleague this. Friend of fam. Whatever... Its a waste of stupid f-ing paper. And the child!? Little Kids...It is a Fosterkid- why? Idk Y. Its crying. I need to go shop at little town store with Unity. No is Unity. Bikini shop but different. Shelby Lepage and Shanowa probably buy me Bikini. Maybe take Bee for while... Her mother in school too become Psychologist for children.and KRISTINA is GREAT at that. :) not Yellow outfit Yellow bus look... Public transit sort of thing... Leave for somebody different. C; They named that thang a highway for a reason- Eminem sound like he like that type of ride. Or like picking cigarette butts up off the ground and smoking them... Maybe. I.d.k
We will always make sure you will B ok-
Promise me that for your mother B? Natasha is busy. We walk too store to grab Mrs Proskow milk in BabyCart thing. Will you? Oh. Mom says stroller.
(End of book make this funny)... Promise me not too get wasted on cigarettes fine wine and cheap crappy cocky.beers with stupid hoes- get acne, eat pinecones acne no pineapples and sea food Martin Salloum do not like in public and drink honeymoon whiskey called ChinaClassicApples and eat dates with fine white wine, mom says lowdown on ChipcookieChocolatebits; or something. But then you live too get old enough!
Do please remember that if I die laying here... You will always be my baby3 in 5-9 weird arrangement of assorted pale orange sunset Crimson in my room and moms was magical Seaturtle yellow. And green. Not sure why but with White hat we like this beautiful glaze looking almost trendy Hindhi lady condition.
And now we track bear guy.My dentist bear. You can büy some guy like him at Liquor store. I got mine from guy named Martin S. Best guy too feel protected while taking Taxi too the store after 8:45pm. Who got so bored he pooped himself. And now we know why people are hating on Beaners...
I don't eat food properly
I'm bored and he need to say no
I love my house guests
I'm having a horrible time
I don't like myself today
I don't know what too do today
I have no job I don't get paid
I can't say NO too service to a C
I'm unfortunate and Wealthy
I'm grounded from my money until I sings a proper song too my nanny
Do not put fish in the shark tank
The ode too a slutty shark tank ooh ha ha. The peak of your life is losing your Virginity so do it as young as you can too be awkward that you had too ____________.
And don't forget what your morning after pill does for mommy's things. And if you forget. A cantaloupe a day takes the doctor away. Also. Don't let your friends see this book. This is women's code for I was in FosterKid world Big TV world village...and thats not cute when your kicked out on your own. Your annoyed. Your useless. Your yucky.
Make sure people bug you before you sue some corporation or company. Because before you know it... Your kicked out,
Walking... Driving and tortured unfortunately. Your scaring kids. Your always scaring kids. Your always ok...
The ministry is for the boys and girls clubs to deliver peoples unwanted children. Hi five! And this is what its like to spend the rest of your life in prison. Stay very cool at that pint.
I'm honourable. I'm lovable. I'm hostage. I'm nasty. Im set free. I'm in a village. I'm okay. Call me Nini. Which means No. Or Beebee. Which means hurts.
Or Jurrasic Park. Which means VINDICTIVE. or you could just name me stupid for wanting too be a singer.
r maybe nocturnal and meth addicted.
And that's not such a bad thing after all. So dont go for getting who's watching SABRINA. THIS IS YOURS 2nd birthday wish!!!

How ever. If you remember this.
Remember that the MCFD owes KRISTINA AND YOU AN APOLOGY WORTH $1,000,000.00 cards
Gifts toys and presents...


Unfortunately. Unfortunately. All their money printers broke. And now im stuck singing too recover the costs. Eh TD?.

The suspense of that systematic cheesie induced cocacola burp is why Sabrina Proskow claims too be the President of any household she is in. aka: The minimum 28+ fostercare system... Holding little sexy skanks hostage until 2222. and mommy|nanny girl deported girl almost immediately.[After the adopted home trial Justin Bieber first kiss Sistah had too. Too stressful with Biebers aerodynamic junksuckling methods of being a little boy who also slept on the pillow he sat on.] kids are stressful after a long day of enjoying a beer and a smoke... with 2 kids that are unnecessary and a Practicum for KissyKristina taken too do Child psychology (@+) and also in Childfirst aid and Elder Care, thanks for reminding me... mom. "Welcome too pimp my resume..." fun-fun said Tasha!!! :) my older goldylocksbrownhair blue fiery phierce piercing eyes.seriously she had that shhh done as a baby. Because her ear looked abusive. Oh and more housekeeping. All the housekeeping going and being like doing dishes with long pretty sparkly nails and poodles full of more laundry. GTL. GTL. Girl.

Looks like the prostitution ring might not Biebs(theword) be such a bad, idea. After all. Grr. So now on my check list is 1.) Donald Trump. |Aim coming for ya daddy!!! And possibly all the little cute boys from One Direction.

So today. I done right f***ed my damn life up. Taylor swift thank you for the dedication of the song American girl...
Today. 2 days in... 23000Likes. Story of a shirty Fosterkid who was just a fosterkid. And this book name be fosterkid. But if you fisterkids when they're zebras it better be their mouth if daddy hasn't been through the in a while.....
And. This why I write another book...
And why Proskow family deserve singing acting daughter from Model Photoshoots and President buy money for Cops and not pay taxes for princess sugars and original gangsters taxes...

B. S. T. d. no P yet |*=

Ask for support
Sabrina C.

If you want too die laughing Google Sabrina Bille or Sabrina Prosko w Aka legal name: Pink Sapphire Diamond Aka) This is social system welfare scam of WHERE DOES ONE BUY THE MONEY PRINTER? Or sue THE P.G.T. for stealing a whole inheritance without known reason when suspect has full financial capability. Leaving suspect homeless and too ugly for an interview as PRESIDENCE OF CANADIAN DEMOCRATIC VILLAGES.