Barack Obama
Obama standing with his arms folded and smiling
44th President of the United States
In office January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017
Vice President Joe Biden
Preceded by George W. Bush
Succeeded by Donald Trump
United States Senator from Illinois
In office January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008
Preceded by Peter Fitzgerald
Succeeded by Roland Burris
Member of the Illinois Senate from the 13th district
In office January 8, 1997 – November 4, 2004
Preceded by Alice Palmer
Succeeded by Kwame Raoul
Personal details
Born Barack Hussein Obama II(1961-08-04) August 4, 1961 (age 55)Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Michelle Robinson (m. 1992)
  • Malia
  • Sasha
Relatives See Family of Barack Obama
Awards Nobel Peace Prize (2009)Profile in Courage Award (2017)

First off, I would like to personally thank you for everything you've done. it takes nothing short of a strong, incredibly talented and focused individual to deal with all the naysayers and complete every task and dilemma that has been thrown towards you every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With that said, it has been an incredibly hard year for me. I have lost my job recently, and I have some pretty severe mental health issues (Major depression/anxiety, and possible bipolar disorder). These mental health issues have made it extremely difficult to keep a job, and i struggle every day. I went to school and got a degree in psychology as to try and one day maybe help others in my situation. I have a BA in psychology but with me losing my job, it has been extremely difficult to find work. I wasn't sure if there was any assistance available for someone like me, but all i know is that I cannot do this alone and have been trying to for way too many years. I am 30 years old and feel like I'm 50. Holding down a job has proven very trying, as without the right possible medications I can't even seem to get out of bed in the morning. My father took his life when I was just 20 years old, and I am scared that I may have the same fate one day. All i want is an honest paying job and to be able to pay off my loans (which keep accruing more and more, god I don't even want to think about it :/ I guess my question to you is...are there services available to someone in my shoes? You and Michelle seem to have come from a background where you worked your behinds off, opposed to having a family member with an "in". It saddens me that today in America, it seems that it's more about who you know rather than what you know or what you are capable of. I don't want to be rich. I don't want a handout (I've never been on any type of assistance program as of yet, but at this moment I think maybe I do need some sort of help). Please...from another hard working American to another that just happens to have been 'blessed' with a slew of mental health issues hurting my social life and professional life, do you have any words of wisdom or suggestions? Like I said before...I don;t want to be rich...I don't want to just live off of assistance or something like that...I just...I just, want to be happy. Thank you for your time Mr. president and remember to forget the naysayers and keep fighting for what you truly believe in. You are an inspiration and very strong influence in my life to want to get better and maybe one day find happiness.

Sincerely and with utmost respect,
Trevor A. Braukman

P.S. 'When I was young, Mr President, they told me I could be anything I wanted to be. The thing is...I believed them."

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