George W. Bush
43rd President of the United States
In office January 20, 2001 – January 20, 2009
Vice President Dick Cheney
Preceded by Bill Clinton
Succeeded by Barack Obama
46th Governor of Texas
In office January 17, 1995 – December 21, 2000
Preceded by Ann Richards
Succeeded by Rick Perry
Personal details
Born George Walker Bush(1946-07-06) July 6, 1946 (age 70)New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Laura Welch (m. 1977)
Relations See Bush family
Residence Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Alma mater
  • Businessman
  • politician
Signature Cursive signature in ink
Military service
  • "Dubya"
  • "GWB"[1]
Years of service 1968–74
Rank US Air Force O2 shoulderboard rotated.svg First lieutenant

Disappointed With Your Continuous Attacks On Our President

First of all I defended you during your 8 years as President. It wasn't easy but I did it because you had a tough job. You then stay quiet for 8 years while Obama ruins our country. Now you find your voice to attack our President. By attacking him you are attacking me and the people who support what he is doing and the way he is doing it. You failed by not fighting back against your vicious opponents and turned our Country over to Obama. Your father' s "kinder and gentler" failed (he was a one term President). You are obviously showing your personal anger that your brother Jeb lost the 2016 Primary. Well the Bush family was not destined to rule America.. You now demonstrate why we were a minority party and how we would have stayed so under the rule of the Bushies. My advice is go away. We do better without you.

John Pecoraro

Ask for support
Jeff H.

How about you just shut up just like you did when obama was running our country into the ground. You were a terrible president and the only thing I thought you did right was keeping your mouth shut after you left office. Please do us all a favor and shut your mouth now. We finally have a president with the balls to do what is right. You and Jeb were nothing but democrats.