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The independence of Kurdistan

First Name: Sadi
Last Name: Hamad
Email Address:
Post Code: HU5 3SU
Subject: I have few Comments - foreign affairs

Dear Mr. President
Thank you for the opportunity to write you on the issue of the nation that their rights have forgotten for so long by the all world. Dear Mr. President when the first you appeared in American election as first African American candidate we all felt great happiness. The nations from all over the world especially Kurdish people were so happy for that because thought that a new Mandela will rules the world most powerful country in the world. Kurdish people loved Nelson Mandela very much and respected him because he defended oppressed Kurdish people overtly by asking the countries Kurdish people divided on it to give Kurdish people their right. Mr. Mandela even declined Ataturk peace prize from Turkey on 14 May 1992 because of Kurdish people. We had great hope that you will be the next leader who will defend oppressed people around the world. However, after your second round presidency of United States we are disappointed with some of your foreign policies.

Few points here I would like to mention a first point Iraq that your predecessor Mr. Bush liberated Iraq with many valuable American souls and spent billions of dollars for that purpose. However, you left Iraq and gave Iraq to Iran on a plate as a gift. Secondly, when you withdraw American soldiers in Iraq you spent billions of U.S dollars from American money to support building new Iraq army. However, America did not bother how this army will be established and build just left everything to Mr. Maliki to establish the army fully based sectarian not based on skills and efficiency. Other things I would like to mention America always supported Mr. Maliki on his wrongness policies to abuse the power and offend others. Emergence of terrorism in Iraq caused by the wrong policies of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's in the dominance of sectarian Shiites and ignorance the rights of others and the marginalization of others, pushed the Arab Sunnis to alliance with terrorism. That means the emergence of terrorism in Iraq, basically caused by wrong policies of the Iraqi government. Iraqi government even ignored Sunni awakening that built by America, which was effective policy to counter terrorism.

U.S always supported Mr. Maliki against Kurdish in exporting oil by Kurdish Government issue and other issues in Iraq; United States position during your administration always supported Shiites sectarian government. I do not see any U.S. interests in this because those people they do not recognize the American values and they do not respect America. Whatever America does for them, they still keep blame America for everything, and they call America Zionism and imperialism. It is strange that America in one-side supports Syrian oppositions against Bashar al-Assad regime but from another side in Iraq supports Mr. Maliki sectarian government. That is strange because Bashar al-Asad and Mr. Maliki are a same thing they are two faces of the same coin and both of them they practice same policy that is dominance Shiites and dictatorship. Both regimes are ignoring the right of others ethnic groups and both regimes are 100% in control of Iran, hand. Since
Sykes-Picot, agreement Kurdish people suffers from the dictatorship, unfairness, and genocide by followed Iraqi regimes. Over 5000 villages and towns from Kurdistan crashed down by Saddam Hussein regime 182000 Kurdish people genocide in Anfal process at the end of the eighties 5000 Kurdish women and children killed in few hours in Halabja by chemical bombs. All these unfairness against Kurdish we still have to follow Iraq, stay as part of Iraq, and keep the unity of Iraq? That is a disaster because the Arab mentality will never change no matter who will rule the government, Arabs they never see right of others they always try to treat everyone with unfairness and dominance themselves. That is something very clear no need evidence not only against Kurds, but there are also many other examples such as South of Sudan before they became an independent country, Arabs they had a war against them for 55 years until they separated and became an independent country. Also, Darfur in Sudan because Darfur people they are not Arab they suffered genocide by Arabs and raped thousand of their women and brunt hundreds of their poor villages even their same religion with Arabs. Now is the right time for Kurds to tear themselves away from Iraq, why should Kurdistan people pay tax for other people mistakes why we should be involve in sectarian fight between Shiite and Sunni, which has over one thousand year history. It is unfair that America stand against Kurdistan independence; that is not logical what will America benefit from unity Iraq that is 100% under Iran control and does not respect any American values. They and even they do not believe in democracy all they want try to dominate and control on everyone in Iraq.

Whatever America does it is impossible to keep the unity of Iraq that is something beyond power of any country, because the psychology and the nature of Iraqi society the differences are extremely deep between all Iraqi society components it is impossible to be united. The unity of Iraq is Illusion non-realist thought logically and practically Iraq never been united since created by Britain and France in Sykes-Picot agreement after a first-world war. Since Iraq created there was always a war between Kurds revolutionaries, and Iraqi followed regimes. The same thing in the south of Iraq for many years there was a fight between Shiite people and Saddam regime because simply none of the Iraqi components gets on with each other. Whoever controls the power in Baghdad always try to be a new dictatorship and abuse the power to dominance, control everyone, and not give the rights to other groups and ethics that has been the mentality of Iraqi ruler since Iraq created. America provides Iraq with modern American weapons without asking for what these weapons would be used for killing Arab Sunni now and in the future for killing Kurds for 100% sure. Kurdistan is an example of democracy in the whole Middle East. Kurdistan is an example of peaceful coexistence between religions and ethnic groups. Kurdistan is the only place that respect American values by the witness of all the experts and journalists that is why America should support Kurdistan independence because that will benefit America much more than the unity of Iraq that America want, keep it.

It will be better if America and your administration do the same what Mr. Bush administration did with Kosovo independence, we can see that, resulted in a peace in the region, now Kosovo, and rest of other nations they live in peace. I would like to conclude my letter by asking you dear Mr. president please support the independence of Kurdistan, please support Kurdish people rights we suffered for so long why all the world should stand against the wishes of 50 million people. That is not humanity we have the right to have an independence country like any other nations in this world. Dear Mr President I would like to mention you if you support Kurdistan independence, you will enter the history forever because you will return freedom and dignity to 50 million human they suffered for a century.

Most respectfully,
Sadi Abdullah Hamad

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