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Ekwerazu Obizi
Obizi Auto. Comm.
Ezinihitte Mbaise L.G.A
Imo State-Nigeria
West- Africa
9th of May, 2014
Phone: 08165258020

The World Court
% The President

I humbly wish to complain to the World Court about Politics in Nigeria. Having surveyed carefully the politics about the Nigerian government, I found out that Nigerian government stands in between two different political spirits thus:-
1. The Certificate with which Nigeria became an independent nation perhaps, the Nigerian national Anthem presented on the 1st of October 1960, which reads on its first stanza:-
“Nigeria we hail thee
Our own dear native land
Though tribe and tongue may differ
In brotherhood we stand
Nigerians all are proud to serve
Our sovereign motherland”

2. The Nigerian Defence League, installed in 1976, six years after the Nigerian Civil war, with an improvise anthem thus:
“Arise O Compatriots
Nigerias call obey
To serve our father land
With love and strength and faith
The labour of Our Heroes past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom
Peace and Unity”


The 1st stanza of the certificate of Nigerian Independence expresses that Nigeria as a nation, is found of the different tribe and tongue of the sovereign organism, and the different tribe and tongue stand comprehensively in brotherhood (rule of the sovereign author), for in brotherhood Nigerians all are proud to serve our sovereign motherland. The certificate certifies that brotherhood is the rule of government of the different tribe and tongue of Nigeria. The certificate of a truth expresses the creation of the heaven and earth and all things therein, to have been of different tribe and tongue as indicated with the text of the B/K of Yahweh, even the scripture, represented with the Hebrew consonants “YHWH”: Also expresses brotherhood as the word of creation (Yahchanan or St. John 1:1-3) and organization of all mankind as one body of the sovereign organism. The certificate therefore, comprehends not only Nigeria but the entire world nations, and meets the politics of life and nature.
The certificate of Nigerian Independence was Symbolically moderated with
1. The Nigerian National Flag (Green-White-Green)
2. The Nigerian National “Coat of Arm”, “Unity & Faith”, all distinguishing Nigerian to be a nation of different tribe and tongue perhaps, a United Nations of the sovereign organism, organized with brotherhood as one body of the sovereign organism. Also, proving the certificate to be irrevocable as long as Nigeria exists

At the installation of the Nigerian Defence League in 1976, with the improvise Anthem, Arise O’ Compatriots, these moderators of Nigerian life were still left in the Nigerian royal palace as idols but, then, still referring to the certificate as the political strategies of Nigeria. Nigeria is not only by name but, by document.


The Defence League was installed in Nigeria in 1976, during the military government in Nigeria. The Defence League was possible to be formed in Nigeria simply because no Nigerian was able to address the Nigerians with the certificate of Nigerian Independence.

On a close examination of the Defence League in Nigeria, it is like a Saprophytic Virus in the blood system of Nigeria. With the red eyes of the Nigerian Civil war, infected all other administrative arms of the Nigerian government, and arrested all to her rule. And having eliminated the Nigerian National Anthem with her improvise anthem, the League silenced Nigeria from speech, leaving only the name Nigeria as the Motor of the government of the Defence League.

The League provides the nations presidents since 1976. And if any governor does not come from her party, the governor must be diplomatically marginalized. The institution of the Festac 1977, as the foundation for diverse demonic practices, revokes brotherhood as the only subject of Nigerian politics. However, Occultism and ritualism (Sacrificing with human parts & blood) that occupies Nigeria today is as a result of the Festac.

The Nigerian Defence League subjected Nigeria to absolute poverty with diverse bonds, even with the Second Foreign Exchange Market (SFEM) and others. The bombing that destroys human lives and property in Nigeria today, by the BOKO Haram is simply because formerly GoodLuck Jonathan as the Vice of Late President Yar,adua before is not a member of the League but was enforced to sit as the president of Nigeria. It should be understood that the problem Nigeria has is the lack of knowledge of herself.

I want the World Court to understand that Nigeria suffered the Civil war for barely five years but have suffered the Defence League for thirty eight years and still the Defence League is the sickness Nigeria suffers today. The League is not a political body but exploits Nigerian Political brain for her selfish purpose. The Nigerian Defence Board of 1976 as one of the administrative arms of the Nigerian government, suppose to report to the Nigerians that the war is over but, propels crises that eat-up huge population of Nigerian lives; still maintaining that war is not yet over. This is evil

The Defence League hindered Nigerians from being educated about Nigeria of which almost none of the Nigerians is conscious about Nigeria.


1. The League aparted Nigerians from consciousness of the sovereign author- apartheid
2. Marginalizes Nigerians from brotherhood perhaps, Obedience to the word of the sovereign organism, with which he organizes different tribe and tongue as one body of himself
3. Colonizes Nigerians with the spirit of the self ignorance
4. Revokes the sovereign authority of Nigeria
5. Rebels against Nigerians life and welfare
6. Rebels against the labour of the Nigerian Heroes past.
7. And deceives Nigeria, hinders Nigeria from being educated about Nigeria as indicated in the certificate of Nigerian Independence.

This is the political situation exposed unto since 1976.
On evaluation of Nigerian politics, the Certificate of Nigerian Independence October 1st 1960 states that Nigeria originated of the different tribe and tongue of the sovereign organism, and must be governed with the brotherhood of the sovereign organism as one body of the sovereign organism. However, the certificate is the birth right of Nigeria and the common wealth of all Nigerian Citizens. And in rights commissioning, Nigeria deserves her birth right. Therefore the certificate Nigerian Independence is the basis of Nigerian politics. The Nigerian Defence Board is an administrative arm of the Nigerian government but the Defence League is not disciplined with the certificate of Nigerian Independence and therefore, must be dissolved.

The improvise anthem distinguishes not the original author of Nigeria and bears no subject for Nigerian discipline, even the dynamic spirit that can generate the heart and might services of Nigeria unto one free, peaceful and Unified Nation. The anthem as no relative meaning to the creation and organization of mankind. Therefore the Defence League is a crime to Nigeria. However from the Defence League to exist in Nigeria, is not political perhaps unjust.

Politics is not gambling but the discipline of the sovereign organism, in which human reasoning, action and judgment as a creature, is justified of wisdom or prudence. In other words, politics means wise or prudent expenditure of life for abundance.

And for obvious reasons, I am inspired to appeal to the world Court
• To investigate Nigeria thoroughly about the certificate of Nigerian Independence October 1st , 1960 with the National Flag and the National “Coat of Arm”
• To grant Nigeria liberty from the Defence League, for having passed through series of wars and still remain undivided till this day.
• To dissolve the Defence League and all her institutions in Nigeria
• To restore the Nigerian National Anthem back to Nigeria for the Central government of Nigeria.
This suppose to be done with immediate effect inorder that the Messenger of Yahweh will address Nigerian with the certificate of Nigeria Independence Oct. 1st 1960 for a perfect government.

Therefore be pleased to commission to the crying child, her Mother

Yours faithfully
Pastor Israel Alozie Yisrayl
Messenger of Yahweh

(1) The “NATO
(2) The White House
(3) U.N Human Rights Comm.

Ask for support
Osuagwu M.

The World need to be united as one for the benefit of mankind Martins