The Right HonourableTheresa May
Theresa May.png
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Assumed office 13 July 2016
Monarch Elizabeth II
Preceded by David Cameron
Leader of the Conservative Party
Assumed office 11 July 2016
Preceded by David Cameron
Home Secretary
In office 12 May 2010 – 13 July 2016
Prime Minister David Cameron
Preceded by Alan Johnson
Succeeded by Amber Rudd
Minister for Women and Equalities
In office 12 May 2010 – 4 September 2012
Prime Minister David Cameron
Preceded by Harriet Harman
Succeeded by Maria Miller
Chairman of the Conservative Party
In office 23 July 2002 – 6 November 2003
Leader Iain Duncan Smith
Preceded by David Davis
Succeeded by Liam FoxThe Lord Saatchi
Member of Parliament for Maidenhead
Assumed office 1 May 1997
Preceded by Constituency created
Majority 29,059 (54.0%)
Personal details
Born Theresa Mary Brasier(1956-10-01) 1 October 1956 (age 60)Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Political party Conservative
Spouse(s) Philip May (m. 1980)
Residence 10 Downing Street
Alma mater St Hugh's College, Oxford
Religion Church of England
Website Government websiteConstituency website

? Was there a pilgrim agreement

Dear Theresa May, what agreement did the UK have with USA during British war and pilgrim agreement, the country has risen up with so much principality and powers, that the fleshly kingdom is getting unstable, we are on the same planet it is getting very scary, with the anointing people are wanting to imbecile me but they get that way themselves,,even medical, if they diagnose me unstable, that's how that start functioning, now just think the whole property of people trying to get you diagnose as unstable ,what kind of people would be, where ever you move to, you can't tell these people anything or teach anything,north south east and west,they wanted the country their individual way instead of how it was sent to go forth,country leaders and laws, they wanted it their way separate from anyone else so where is USA represented as proclaimed ,if only I can get out of country for 1 week would it get them to realize how serious this is.

Ask for support
Bee T.

Lived on Indian land only two social security employees times monthly income everyday day for one month, citizen land would of been complete employees of state of residency, back to us treasury for the rest of country people, almost a little over a year,Washington DC kept fleshly muted is there any one in Washington DC ? If there were wouldn't they notify me. A lady shouted in my face at a food trailer picnic table on property WHERE'S MY MONEY, uh, oh I didn't change address with social security yet to citizen land so monthly income times social security employees of state of residency back to us treasury for everyone else monthly!

Bee T.

You stupid! one person leaves USA, country unprotected,Canada refused.