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Kenneth Coffey, Vietnam brown water veteran

Dear President Obama
In recent months your administration has investigated the VA process for veteran's health assistance. I wish to state that similar problems exist in terms of obtaining disability benefits. I applied for Agent Orange disability about two years ago. They lost my application. I applied again. They interviewed me and failed to contact me. I wrote and my wife, Kathleen, submitted another application. They denied that because she submitted it (She has full power of attorney for me). I appealed. Denied again. I did my research and sent the following letter in January of this year. It is now the end of August. No contact from them. It appears to me that the VA is a political body administered by a bureaucracy. They exist to give themselves jobs. I'd appreciate your assistance with my case. 541-324-3140
Department of Veterans Affairs
Regional Office
100 SW Main St. F12
Portland OR 97294-2998

RE: Kenneth William Coffey
VA File Number 563 58 8286
Rating Decision January 27, 2914

Dear Sir:
I hereby appeal the January 27,2014 decision by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs denying Mr. KENNETH W. COFFEY VA compensation for brain cancer following exposure to Agent Orange. The reasons for my appeal are
1. Discrimination by awarding one Vietnam veteran, Edward Evans, Agent Orange disability while denying me the same disability status for a similar brain cancer.
2. Furthermore, denial and discrimination against numerous Vietnam vets with brain cancer second to agent orange , have been recorded until the veterans died waiting for justice. The flawed VA study did not take into account the number of veterans who died of brain cancer subsequent to exposure to agent orange without having the opportunity to apply for Agent Orange Disability. VA negligence is well documented, including the latest scandal involving the VA hospitals. As put in the May 24, 2014 appeal to President Obama by Peter Sills:
PETER SILLS: Memorial Day plea: Why VA must answer for neglecting U.S. veterans

“I’d like to be able to say that these latest VA scandals surprise me. That the agency’s repeated failure to provide our nation’s vets with proper care just can’t be true. But I know the real story all too well. I helped represent the Vietnam Veterans of America in the Agent Orange class action lawsuit. My work on that case taught me the government’s unofficial policy on handling veteran woes: lie, deny, and cover up”

“Americans want to believe that the U.S. government does everything it can to take care of and support its veterans. However, the government actively sought to prevent Vietnam veterans from getting the care they desperately needed and deserved. For decades, the VA refused to acknowledge that anyone could have been harmed by military herbicides, like Agent Orange, used during the Vietnam War”

“The agency also failed to keep accurate records about who was sick, who’d been treated, or even how many people had actually seen combat. Amputation records, which would seem to be relatively straightforward, were also unreliable. After a while, people who’d lost only a finger or toe weren’t included, perhaps to make the number of amputees seem smaller than it really was. And the research on chemical exposure was, once again, pretty much worthless.”
As a brown water Vietnam Veteran exposed to Agent Orange who developed a high grade Astrocytoma, my requests for Agent Orange Disability have been met by the “ lie, deny, and cover up” strategy of the VA. I am the only survivor of high grade astrocytoma that I know of. The rest died waiting for justice, except for one soldier, Edward Evans who received Agent Orange compensation post mortum..
My History:
1. I served as a Naval Officer in Vietnam between December 1966 and October 1969. His Tour of Duty included both in-country and river ship exposure to Agent Orange.
2. In 1985 I suffered 100% disability following surgery for a form of Glioblastoma known as Anaplastic Astrocytoma.
3. My exposure to Agent Orange occurred during a period where the VA accepts a number of diseases as presumptive for Agent Orange exposure
4. Glioblastoma is not listed among the above named diseases by the VA.
5. However the Board of Veteran’s Appeals has made exemptions in recent years.
6. On February 17, 2011, the Board of Veterans' Appeals ( Docket No. 05-00 201 / U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Vet. App. No. 06-2190) reversed a similar decision by the Department of Affairs in the case of veteran Edward Evans who also suffered from Glioglastoma. Downloaded from on 2/20/2013)
7. I thereby claim discrimination on the part of the Department of Veterans Affairs in not approving the claim filed of Mr. Kenneth W. Coffey.
8. Furthermore, I request that since one veteran, Edward Evans ,received compensation for Agent Orange related Glioblastoma that another veteran Kenneth W. Coffey with the same type of brain cancer, receive equal consideration for full Agent Orange disability.

The VA already has all of my medical records – if they haven’t been lost like the three previous applications.

Judging from today’s assessment of VA procedures, I hope you have already met your quota of rejections required to receive your rejection-based bonus for this year


Kenneth W. Coffey
Brown water Naval Lt. Vietnam War.

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