Barack Obama
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44th President of the United States
In office January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017
Vice President Joe Biden
Preceded by George W. Bush
Succeeded by Donald Trump
United States Senator from Illinois
In office January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008
Preceded by Peter Fitzgerald
Succeeded by Roland Burris
Member of the Illinois Senate from the 13th district
In office January 8, 1997 – November 4, 2004
Preceded by Alice Palmer
Succeeded by Kwame Raoul
Personal details
Born Barack Hussein Obama II(1961-08-04) August 4, 1961 (age 55)Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Michelle Robinson (m. 1992)
  • Malia
  • Sasha
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Awards Nobel Peace Prize (2009)Profile in Courage Award (2017)

Gaza Horror

Dear President Obama,
I am appalled not only at the conflict in Gaza but by the hypocrisy which seems to be shown by many world leaders including yourself. Here are my thoughts on the matter ...Hamas may be seen by many as terrorists but they were duly elected by the Gaza people. Israel have no more right to attack Gaza with soldiers, tanks and shells than the Russians do to the Ukraine. So why is it that you support Ukraine for defending itself against Pro-Russian militants, but condemn the Palestinians for defending their land which has been blockaded and constantly encroached upon by Israel. I am quite sure that if any person had their land blockaded and were constantly threatened by their neighbour they would also become aggressive and yes they would also probably build tunnels to retaliate.
Syrian rebels are supported by many countries against the Assad regime and the Ukrainians are supported against Pro-Russian forces - so it seems so hypocritical that the Palestinians who seek equal rights to live in the Gaza region are persecuted by Israelis who are protected by an iron-dome which your country contributes to. Here in England where I live, we had years of the IRA terrorists and we sent our troops to Northern Ireland, but we did not bomb the entire area to exterminate the IRA, we lost many service and police personnel in our endeavour to protect civilians, land and property.
I would also like to say that as we commemorate 100 years of World War One, it seems rather ironic to me that the Israelis who were persecuted in the second world war by the Germans/Nazis are now repeating their history onto the people of Palestine in the Gaza Strip. The Nazis told people to board trains to go to safe places and for work - and then massacred those poor Jews... it seems to me that if the Israelis are telling Palestinians to go to UN so called "safe areas" and then shelling those areas they are in my belief guilty of committing genocide as their forefathers were victims of the same.
I do not condone any act of violence and do not support terrorism in any way. I am English fifty year old single mother of no particular religion and merely feel so helpless at not being able to help the people of Syria and Gaza.
My haunting thoughts are: It is outrageous for pro-Russians to attack the Ukraine but it's OK for Israel to attack Gaza. It's abhorrent for Assad to bomb and slaughter his own people but it's OK for Natanyahu to destroy Gaza. It was a holocaust that the Nazis/Germans tried to wipe out the Jewish race but it doesn't matter if Natanyahu does it to the Palestinian people especially as when he has finished flattening parts of Gaza no doubt he will be quite happy to build more homes on that land and thus infuriate the Palestinians more which will consequently deteriorate the whole situation back to square one.
On a final note, as president of the United States, you are in the process of pulling your troops out of Afghanistan ... did they go there and raise the entire country to the ground to eliminate the Taliban and destroying everything along with killing women and children, no!! Please rethink the support you give to the Israeli government, of course they have the right to defend themselves but they do not have the right to assault the Gaza Strip and persecute the Palestinians in such a brutal and horrific way on the basis that they consider the elected government of that area terrorists (Those children are not terrorists but will grow to hate Israel if the are constantly persecuted by them!)
I doubt that you will actually even read this but at least I have tried to state a different perspective on the matter.
Yours sincerely
Ms Gail Chapman

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