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44th President of the United States
In office January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017
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In office January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008
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Member of the Illinois Senate from the 13th district
In office January 8, 1997 – November 4, 2004
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Born Barack Hussein Obama II(1961-08-04) August 4, 1961 (age 55)Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
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Spouse(s) Michelle Robinson (m. 1992)
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Awards Nobel Peace Prize (2009)Profile in Courage Award (2017)

complaint Against Arizona State Child Protective Services La Paz County.

Dear President Obama,
Hello, My Name is Sherri Lynn American Horse Hunt. I am going to tell you about My complaint against the state of Arizona Cps in La Paz County. They have slander me so bad. taken my children without the proper documents and false statements. my Constitutional rights has been violated.They kidnapped my children and adopted them out. My Own tribe went against me. I do not have a criminal record i have no records at all. i would like you to hear my story. well I can tell you about things that the State of Arizona CPS in La Paz County has been doing to me. i have major depression problems because of all this. i been looking for lawyer to win this i know i could win.I am literate in english but i hoping and praying that this could help me out. my oldest son has birth defect from taking lithuim. Cps told me that if I didn't take those pills. they would take my children away from me. The first time that the step in to my life. they had two police officers out side my house. They the cps said they have complaints on my children ( Taylor Rose Delgado and Angelina Ann Delgado) at that time i was living with ex boyfriend Gene Smith III. He was renting from Fredrick Barker at the Coyote Ridge Rv Park in Bouse, Arizona. i ask the state cps what did the complaints said. they said we were told that your girls are always dirty and i said what i always kept them clean. No matter what kids are always getting dirty their children. the second said that i left my child unattend in the middle of hwy 72 for 30 minutes. i said that is a lie. hwy 72 is the number one dangerous hwy in the state of arizona. ok i knew that i am not that way i rise my nieces and nephews starting at the of eight years old. their were more than one infants that i rise. the parents up left with out saying to any adult to watch the children. so okay i have knowledge on taking care of children why would i do that i adore children especially my own. plus if i ever did that my child would have been hit by a vehicle and she would not living now. so that is wrong. three that i was using drugs ok. was not on drugs at that time. they check to see if i had any food and the said wow the cabinets are full of food and the refrigerator is full and the house is clean but i said to them i do not want your services. they gave me paperwork and i refuse to sign but the ex boyfriend sign it without me knowing anything at all. he is not the father or any relation with my children and i was not married i have notice that cps stop in to take me to counceling i said i told you i did not want you in my life. it was when they had paper folders not the computer. she said that i sign and we argue the point and the state cps aide named glorila and she was the driver cps case work was sitting on the passenger side and i ask the case worker chaddie williams to bring out the paper that has all the signatures on it she pointed out the signature of gene smith III and said that is this your signature and i told her no that is gene smith and she told me oh ok. at the time i did not know about hoe to go about life my family did not help me at all still to this day they just made matters worse. Mr.President Obama I just ask you to please to contact me in Wenden, Arizona 85357 phone number is 928-216-1992 i would like to tell you in person because i have a hard time explaining the situation but i want to let you know that i been having nightmares practicely almost every night since my children have been taken. 2006 is when this happened i have other children. Here are the names of my children Taylor Rose Delgado, Angelina Ann Delgado, Dominky Odyssius Xzavier Smith, Addison Lily Smith, Martin American Horse Hunt Cortez,Joseph Ruben Hunt. Martin and Joseph are the children from Ruben Hunt my Husband. I have witnesses and change my life to fight for my children i had been praying hoping everything just to get my children back.Taylor and Angelina got molsted By my father george american horse sr, and my cousin earl. he is the son of my father sister Geraldine American Horse She lives in Batesland South Dakota. Earl and his wife Mika live there to.Mr. President Obama my Father is Locked Up in the pennington county jail in Rapid City, SD. the other person did not get any jail. time for doing that to my children. i do not have any children with me at all. all of them has been taken away and i would to stand up and fight for my children. i made it this far but hopes and dreams and having faith in GOD are very little i really need your help me please. to stop the state cps ruining peoples lives. what happened to love. they told me that i could put a report on this person that had a drug problem and all her minor children are living in trailers by themselves seperate trailers. and her daughter was living with an elderly man. ok i said the cps if i can put a report on the woman. chaddie the cps worker straight out told me does that woman look like a mother who would fight for her children. so i said i am a mother that loves my children more money goes in you pockets she said yes. i heard that if cps does the adoption they get more money because they are native americans. so they kept taking every child that i had. Sorry Mr. President for taking your time. i have no money to hire any best attorney to fight against the state like i said my faith hope is every low and this is my last chance i dont know how to go about it. i actually hoping that you can help me or what your people can look over my case. With out my Children i am nothing, but mental issues for my children being in my life my oldest ten years old now and my youngest one just turn one i am lost it like i can not breathe i can not think my soul is hurt so bad. why would a person do that to someone cold hearted how they sleep taking children from their homes to regard to a feelings i know there are children that needs help but not mine especially they did it.. i understand that there are laws that is suppose to protect those in dier need of help and should move in and take care of such situations but in my case it was done in a very cold mannor that distroys the mind of an individual such as me. i believe people are one what i mean is we all bleed red we are one .just how the Lord Our Father meant it to be. Thank you for your time Mr.President Obama hope hear from you personally. Take Care In God We Trust......

Sherri Lynn American Horse Hunt

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