Thank You

Dear President Macron,
For several years now I have felt that the United States, and, indeed, the world, needed a hero. The vitriolic hate-filled rantings of our last Presidential campaign have left us a country divided against itself. We seem to have no one to look up to for moral guidance; someone to give us hope that we are a better people than we seem to be acting right now. I see this trend spreading across the globe and wonder who it will be to step into this void and give us back our future.
With your election, along with your willingness to stand up to President Trump (and I'm a Republican) I have begun to see a possible light at the end of a tunnel. But can you stand up for what is right, despite the pressures put on you to become one of what we here call "the old boys network"? Can you find it within yourself, can you be strong enough, to stand on your own convictions? If this is possible, please know that there are millions and millions of people also looking for a person like you. Someone to restore our own faith in humanity.
I"m a 65 year old retired school teacher who sees the world as a wondrous place where there is much to be discovered and advances to be made. To be wasting so much time on issues that are normally settled on a school playground is disgraceful. Are people really so blind that they don't see the wonders all around them? Our advances in technology have taken second stage to a world intent on destroying itself.
For what it's worth, as a former trained mediator of disputes, can not the world leaders see that the people they represent simply want to be heard and, in that way, given validity?
I thank you - or whomever reads this- for offering us hope. My emails will now probably be followed carefully by the NSA. A dissident grandmother. Can there be anything more frightening?
I can only wish you the best of luck and know that you have been added to my prayer list. I hesitate to tell you this, but once you're on that list, you never get off. I've been praying for some people for over 50 years...
I'll leave you my contact information - not in hopes you actually read this - but because I am a citizen of the world, as we all are.
Katey (Catherine) Freeman Holmes
Face Book - Katey Freeman Holmes @
(518) 459-1951 (It is with great audacity that I add a home phone number. Please forgive me if it seems improper.

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