Dear president.

Its my humble request that am happy to finally get a contact to your office.Am a Kenyan politician and its my duty as a Muslim to help my fellow men in any part of the world.I have tried my best for the past two months to save two Iranian Ahmad Mohammed and Sayed Mousavi jailed for life due to Zionist evil work here in Kenya..My visit to Iran embassy to Kenya and my email there did not offer much but keep on telling me to visit and when i did they just send a Kenyan man who looked like a government agent and I could not talk more with him in your embassy as he seemed not to help the two but needed me to tell him my relationship which is Islam and that is all to my brothers.Now we have less than 48hrs to try and secure their freedom as their appeal is for tomorrow 14th October.All i need is 65000dollars and see the prosecutor who promised with money plus some 45000dollars raised by some few friends we can be sure for the freedom of our brothers.Its not my wish to be too late but you can contact Iran embassy in Kenya on +254202344215 and ask all the email we have exchanged with them and see how your office did let us down.If you ask them about mbuthi they will know as they asked me to use the code when I visited them.All and all as we try our best just help us with the money and as you can contact me on or+254786248739text message.for account and more advice on the same.Let please do something for this Muslim men and Allah is greatest.


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