Ban the Yulin Festival & stop the torture of animals

Dear President Emmanuel Macron,

I write this message to you with an absolutely broken heart. I cry about this daily.

I see things on facebook, in the media, word of mouth, pictures, posters etc about this Yulin festival and not only the festival but just the daily torture of animals (dogs & cats). These poor souls have skin cells just like us, brains just like us, nerves just like us, they feel pain just like we do, their veins pump blood just like yours and mine, when they are hurt, they bleed just like you and I do. They scream in pain when their eyes are gouged out or their feet cut off. They are burnt alive, boiled alive, skinned alive, beaten to death, hung by their necks or their legs, their legs are tied behind their backs (now what dog can do that without their legs being broken) all because the chinese believe that the more they torture the animal, the better the meat will taste........ Really?? Come on! Why would people allow this to happen? How can people allow this to happen? How can any “human being” allow this kind of cruelty to happen?

Imagine if it was another human being, your family, your children, your friends, your spouse? It would be illegal to do these things to another human being, why is it not illegal to do this to an animal? Torturing a living creature, animal or human is sick and inhumane.

Please can you help stop this cruelty. I am begging you on behalf of the animals who don’t have a voice. Please can you help stop this cruelty. I'm not sure what to do or who to contact or how to get this through to people all over the world. If you can help in anyway. I would be forever thankful.

Thank you

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