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44th President of the United States
In office January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017
Vice President Joe Biden
Preceded by George W. Bush
Succeeded by Donald Trump
United States Senator from Illinois
In office January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008
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Member of the Illinois Senate from the 13th district
In office January 8, 1997 – November 4, 2004
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Born Barack Hussein Obama II(1961-08-04) August 4, 1961 (age 55)Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Michelle Robinson (m. 1992)
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Awards Nobel Peace Prize (2009)Profile in Courage Award (2017)

Inventer of the Automated Commode Fixture requesting assistance from the Preside...

Dear President Barak Obama,

Sometime back in the early to mid 1980's, I contacted President Clinton by way of letter regarding my concerns. I received a letter response from his special messenger; "James Dworskin" if memory serves me correctly. My concerns relate to the fact that I have been unfairly treated by my local Patent Attorney; The late Dr. Thomas S. Mackey of Key Metals and Minerals Corporation, as well as by members of the US Department of Patents & Trademarks Office Patent Examiners. The rejected my claims, and considered filling "Abandonment" regarding my invention on the grounds that it was consider by them to be "Obvious", to those with "State of the art knowledge." I had responded to the what I believe to have been an unreasonable attitude of PTO, with the following question; If my invention is so obvious I explained, then why has not someone with said state of the art of technology knowledge, produced at that time such a product as my invention? Dr. Mackey performed the preliminary patent search required and no viable products consisting of the full embodiment of my device were being made at the time of my inventions inception. They did not return to me an answer to my question. An agent who worked for PTO. by the name of Mr. Saragotta informed me by phone, that my invention had been tabled aside, in lieu of documents that were favored over mine from big industry, he apologized to me about that since he knew for fact that my Invention preceded the others that were actually considered for patent and that this was not at all uncommon occurrence at the time that my Intellectual Property was presented to members of PTO Examiners, and Art Department members etc. In short, I was wrongly treated and apparently my rights were sold out to others, without my permission, knowledge or consent. Totally excluded from all lawful consideration by unethical members of PTO Staff and my Attorney Dr. Thomas S. Mackey. Mr. Saragotta told me that they were highly corrupt, and that they would routinely favor and select corporate industries over sole inventors at the drop of a hat for financial considerations. I have never received any financial compensation at all regarding my Invention. The legal rights that my letters patent refer to have done nothing for me to date. Further, I have never provided any consent to or for anyone to produce any device or product that incorporates any of the features of my Invention which are listed as "New and Important Improvements".

I was vastly overcharged for the Patent I applied for. I specifically asked Dr. Mackey to attempt to obtain a Utility Patent for my invention since I knew that it covered the fullest legal weight of importance with regard to Patents for inventions. I was seeking by my local Patent Attorney; Dr. Thomas S. Mackey or Key Metals and Minerals Corporation in Texas City, Texas. Instead of seeking to obtain the Utility Patent I requested of Dr. Mackey, he opted instead to get me a Provisional Patent which carries a far lesser degree of legal protection and a relatively short time of effective value stipulation. I paid over $6,500.00 to him to get a Utility Patent. I was mislead by Dr. Mackey, in that he did not seek to obtain what I had paid for and asked him to attempt to get for me. I saw Dr. Mackey on television, working on a deal with representatives of Mitsubishi and their Subsidiaries, Mitsubishi shortly afterwards went on the television series entitled ; "That's Incredible!", about a month later. Mitsubishi were falsely claiming that they had developed the worlds first "Automatic Self Flushing Toilets." My device that I had held in strict confidence under agreement with Dr. Mackey.

I hold Patent Serial Registration Number: US06/650,075 which bears the Filing Date: September 13, 1984
I have tired for many years to get someone to assist me in obtaining any lawfully legal financial compensation that is due to me. To date all my efforts have failed. Everything cost a considerable amount of money to do, and frankly I do not have the kind of money needed to proceed with any sort of corporate level litigation etc. I can not afford the legal fees of the lawyers needed. I am disabled honorably discharged US Air force veteran. I have been a victim of identity theft, and I owe a number of creditors that I can not manage to settle. No matter what I try, I can never get out of debt. My credit is ruined, and despite the fact that I have a home loan guarantee certificate from VA, my FICO score is too low to qualify for a home. My current score is below 600. No bank or lender will help me. I live in an apartment since I lost my two previous homes, and apartments are inadequate for my needs as a Scientist and Inventor. I would like a solution that can remedy the barrier that keeps me from obtaining an actual home if at all possible.

Finally Mr. President, I am asking of you for your help as one man to another. We are believers in God all Mighty, I ask in the name of God, that you would please take time out of your busy schedule to at least look into the matters I have presented here to you. Since my Invention can in all likelihood now be considered to be of national importance, in that a Foreign power, namely Mitsubishi among others. I believe that the amount of money that is rightfully owed to me now relates to world currency level sums. Companies have been producing versions of my device since the late 1980's. I believe as late as 1989 to the best of my understanding. I have tried at length, to get my issues resolved on lower levels of state government and legal justice systems. I have gotten no more than a run-around so far. Honestly Mr. President, If for any reason you can not help me in getting financially compensated for my Intellectual Property that has been misappropriated by others, I do not know who else can.

I have done my due diligence to meet all requirements of the patents system, the system that has failed me miserably. If I can successfully get what should be legally and lawfully mine, this would not only restore my faith in America as a nation but it would give rise to the fact that other Afro American inventors such as myself, who have suffered similar wrongs in like manner to myself would now be considered despite the fact that they do not currently have advocates or agents that would intercede upon their behalf's. I am not contacting you for just myself sir, I am contacting you on the behalf of many others who also deserve fair and reasonable assistance in matters concerning Intellectual Property Rights violations. If you are able to help me to succeed, then I would be more than willing to provide you all due credit for having helped me to overcome the insurmountable odds, that have stood in the way to my success. I can serve as an inspiration to countless others. They would realize that this truly is a land of opportunity, and that you can get I pray that you can help me, so I can go on to help others. I also would like the opportunity to get my own place, where I can again work on my projects without fear of any likelihood of disturbing neighbors, or violating any rules of an apartment dwelling. May God continue to bless you and those you love always in all that you do. Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide me Mr. President.


Professor: Howard Daniel Rollins III
Inventor, Scientist, & would be Entrepreneur.

P.S. My home phone # (337) 214-8608, my cell phone # (337) 368-1657
My e-mail address;
My home address; 1200 Gadwall Street, Apt. 304, Lake Charles Louisiana 70615

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