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Children kidnapped and abducted at a state level in Mississippt

Dear Ms. President Barack Obama
I am appalled at the level that the rights of children and families are being violated at every juncture.
I am writing this little blurb to tell you that children have been abducted and kidnapped at the state level in Mississippi and now the agents of that state are trying to deny my 1st amendment wright to speak.
I received a call from one of the parents of the GA9 (children taken into custody for taking up donations for new uniforms) informing me that the state has informed them they are somehow in-violation of youth court laws because of letters I am writing.
Mr. President Ms. White GAL nor any member of the GA9 whose children were taken into custody and are being held as of date (for what is approaching 120 days and without notification to GA for which they are legal residents) without cause can tell me what I can or cannot write.
The family is not disclosing anything to me. I WAS THERE when these innocent children were ripped from their mother's loving arms at the hotel at Gulfport and I have been here for what is approaching 120 days that they have been held without cause,
Ms. Philana Harrell and Judge Alfonso have ignored court ordered custody orders of children, have re-awarded custody of children that are not in their custody and at every juncture have violated these families rights.
Now they are trying to deny my first amendment right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
I ask where was the confidentiality being upheld when the DHS worker was discussing all the details of this case with anyone she wanted to discuss them with at her whim?
Where was the confidentiality when these citizens had the misfortune to be passing through Mississippi because our senior pastor took ill and has had all her grandchildren taken from her without the right to see or speak with anyone of them after fighting for her life?
Mr President I have gotten a response from a very influential representative of the media but would count it an honor and a privilege if you would please respond to me.
THESE CHILDREN HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED, ABUSED, NEGLECTED AND HOUSED IN MENTAL institutions because they would not submit to the harassment tactics launched by Ms. Harrell and all the fine agents of Mississippi. These children have been psychologically abused from ages 3- 16 in that a government official told them "your whole family is going to die" and they do not want you!
I have the right to my opinion as I was the first point of contact when the original children were taken into custody and when Ms. Harrell personally invited me in.
Please Sir respond to my e-mail at your earliest convenience.
I assure you it is a story worthy of being reported to the President of the United States of America and every news station that is willing to listen. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!
I am going to continue contacting every news celebrity, radio station and government official until someone hears me for I am concerned for the lives of these children and I am witnessing the detriment to these families.
Upon receipt of your response I will send you my phone number.
Again please RESPOND!
The officials of Mississippi are now trying to hold my writings against this family. I am a 54 year old tax paying citizen and have the right to write whom I want to write!



Minister Jeannine Nolan-Leftridge

Healed because of the price He paid!
Isaiah 53:5-6

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