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Second Metropolitan Redevelopment

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for the another opportunity to write you for suggesting about the Second Metropolitan Redevelopment. It is the isolation of the volcano from the residents like in the Mt. Pinatubo region (first) and Mt. Mayon (after) in the Philippines. Please let me start in the Mt. Pinatubo region where they are planning to excavate about 4 lanes, 1 for clearance and 3 for man-made rivers starting from the lower left of the volcano which is far from the circumference (around 6km. to 7km.) to the sea line of Zambales for hotels and resorts areas (please refer to the map). The man-made rivers may be made from reinforced concrete with slope protection or others may be constructed using rip-rap. The man-made rivers are connected to mini dams with treatment plant divisions including gates for release and lowering the water or large floor drain plates. Bridges for modes of transportation must be set at an early period.

Excavated soil, rocks and stones will be processed or manufacture to useable materials by providing cement/filling material plants, crushing and area for recycling concrete debris, tiles blocks and hauled materials. Near the Zambales region (hotels and resorts), They may construct a kilometric high strength reinforced concrete wall with slope protection (more or less paralleled to sea line) with painted fence and gates for release. The high strength reinforced concrete wall must have around few hundreds of meters setback from the sea line for high tidal waves and typhoon concerns. Then, excavations or degrading of the land region after the sea line (offset) is to be done which will be placed by sea water by pumping or automatic flow of sea water to the land due to the degrading works. The artificial sea area is a good place for collected large fishes like tuna, salmon, etc. The region to be developed far from the circumference of the volcano danger-zone will be occupied then by large land/property developers in the Philippines as well as other foreign companies. There is an option or could be mandatory that large land developers and property developers like:

1. Alphaland
2. SMDC /SM Corporation
3. Ayala Land / Ayala Corporation
4. Anchor landholdings
5. Megaworld
6. Century Properties
7. Cityland
8. Vista Land
9. Suntrust Properties
10. Robinson’s Land
11. DMCI
12. Federal Land
will participate to donation or fund run as humanitarian deed for the completion of the isolation and other livelihood jobs and projects which are beneficial to the masses for them to occupy as if they are given such “reserved seats”, something to that kind of scenario. The high rise buildings they (developers) can construct will be taken advantage to act as wall to protect the residents away from the volcano. They will occupy areas in strips of land after the excavation works, the rest will be occupied by relocation settlers in a grid-tile pattern (like in the globe).

Another livelihood jobs they may consider is distributor of fabrics as for making of dress or clothing and other garments. Similar to the First Metropolitan Redevelopment, they may take advantage of the train-system electrical distribution system. There is also the intention of exaggerating the widest roads (national roads) to the point that secondary roads and narrowest roads seem minimal or minorities in terms of computations. Make sure of the use of RATIO/PROPORTION (GCF/LCM) with the comparison of roads & projected highway’s widths of those widest up to narrowest road to facilitate the computations and analyses, applicable also to the First Redevelopment.

In regards to the trains system analyses and assumptions, let me add your honorable President, these following data. Here are the following data to figure out from First Redevelopment:

Assume: 32 km. to 36 km. total length of travel
Around: 16 to 18 stations
Assume: 3 mins – 4 mins interruptions for unloading/loading of passengers (5 mins, Initial speed = 0)
Around: 1 hour (48 mins – 72 mins) total interruptions per 1 loop or rotation.
Assume: 18 hours-full travel time (1-day operation)
Around: 10 – 11 loops or rotations in 1 day-operation (18 hours)
Outcome: 32 km./hr – 82.5 km./hr
Consider a rubber band (break) for total length (total rotations) from tip to tip
With: 7 – 10 mins time interval between train arrivals (every other station)

Other ideas I would like to suggest are:
1. High-tech (push button) sprinkler system with the use of internet or wi-fi concept where robot can move or rotate valves even from remote areas.
2. Pumping of water supply for drinking and other purposes by horizontal flow then manometer flow, again flow then connect to manometer flow and so on, and so forth, something to that kind of principles. We will be very thankful for large discounts on used tools & equipment, repair and availability of parts from the First Metropolitan Redevelopment as well as the design, documentations, methodologies and other technologies. Please never forget the use of samples before to start constructing structures at risks.

Ask for support