Barack Obama
Obama standing with his arms folded and smiling
44th President of the United States
In office January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017
Vice President Joe Biden
Preceded by George W. Bush
Succeeded by Donald Trump
United States Senator from Illinois
In office January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008
Preceded by Peter Fitzgerald
Succeeded by Roland Burris
Member of the Illinois Senate from the 13th district
In office January 8, 1997 – November 4, 2004
Preceded by Alice Palmer
Succeeded by Kwame Raoul
Personal details
Born Barack Hussein Obama II(1961-08-04) August 4, 1961 (age 55)Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Michelle Robinson (m. 1992)
  • Malia
  • Sasha
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Awards Nobel Peace Prize (2009)Profile in Courage Award (2017)

The Obama Chronicles: My having to come to the President's defense on negative,p...

Dear Mr President,
I had to share this lively discourse where former peers in the real estate industry tried to bash you about the coffee cup Sa-Latte salute.
After reading those statements, I posted my own remarks on your behalf : conducting my on "Air Strike" on these Rightwing, FaceBook contacts....If you read this I hope you enjoy what I had to tell them. Feel free to check out my fb page as well. First I will copy and paste their comments; suffer through their remarks and then you will see what I said in my response.

Matt Soldano
September 24 at 12:16am ·
Both Of Those Men Would Lay Down Their Lives For Him & Their Country. And That's How He Salutes Them Back... The Barista In Chief... With His Salatte. Embarrassing!
Both Of Those Men Would Lay Down Their Lives For Him & Their Country. And That's How He Salutes Them Back... The Barista In Chief... With His Salatte. Embarrassing!
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Bruce Quigley I think they'd like to flip him off!
September 24 at 11:12am · Like

Timothy Richards You guys are way to right wing for me. I know Matt and Bruce are going to love that comment.
September 24 at 12:07pm · Like

Bruce Quigley Yes, being a proud American, believing in doing as much as you can the correct way, honoring the people who protect you and the Freedom you live under, is way too right wing for most Leftists!
September 24 at 12:15pm · Like · 2

Shirley Jones too bad he didn't spill his latte all over his face. would have made a truer photo op!
September 24 at 3:28pm · Like

Paul Francis shared Dan Webster's video: "Ragged Old Flag".
September 24 at 4:48pm ·
This is to all the Naysayers and Obama Bashers out there nit picking the Commander In Chief (with a cup of coffee) as he Selflessly strives to Protect the American People from terrorist cells in Syria plotting to kill innocent people over here and abroad while unprecedentedly promoting an "Allied" coalition of French, Arab and American Forces that are Preemptively conducting air strikes against the Real Axis' of evil; those extremists in Syria.If this was President Eisenhower, Generals' Patton or MacArthur with a corn cob pipe...Or even Teddy Roosevelt and his Ruff Riders in the midsts of their staging processes, Nobody would be saying anything about him inadvertently getting off a flight and offering a quick salute with cup of coffee in his hand! Personally, I would think he's too busy to acknowledge a salute while he's out there drumming up foreign support and Presidentially doing whatever is necessary to SAVE American LIVES!!! He's not targeting an evil regime or premeditating a deliberate WITCH HUNT for non existing WOMD'S like the last administration with his eyes on the prospect (and the prize) of monetary gain for himself and all his cronies at the expense and the blood of the American Armed Forces that have actually been fighting on the ground and dying bravely over the control of another country's natural resources, and lucrative reconstruction contracts in the aftermath of it's demise and restabilization...( A total of 4,486 U.S. service members were killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2012). President Barack Obama is a true humanitarian; Exercising the Spirit of American Leadership and compassion for others who would like to live like us without having to be governed by us. He cares about the Sectarian genocide thats going on with our allies overseas, our own National Security, and The US Armed Forces who are out there putting their lives on the line.

"Ragged Old Flag"
Dan Webster
I stumbled upon this old video. It brought tears to my eyes and I just had to share! I don't remember Johnny Cash doing this but I love him even more for writing it! God Bless America!

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Bruce Quigley So he's so busy, he forget to salute without a coffee. His job as Commander in Chief, is to set the leadership example, for the troops he leads.. His job, is to form coalitions if needed but to go it alone in the interest of our country and it's people.
September 24 at 5:03pm · Like

Paul Francis Hey Bruce... I agree with you wholeheartedly, but like I said...I could imagine even General MacArthur inadvertently getting off a flight in the midst of his staging a strike against Imperial Forces with a corncob pipe inadvertently in his hand...I've seen footage of George Bush making that same kind of mistake: GW had Barney in his arms giving a half salute. If anybody deserved the marines giving him the bird, it should have been Him. He took ground forces into Iraq with the intention of helping set up a puppet government so that He and His Oil Buddies could CAPITALIZE on their oil resources...and piously used the guise of weapons of mass destruction to justify his concerns, amalgamate our fears and galvanize the American people's resolve in seeing to it that we topple that evil regime. Look at the Blackwater debacle, Bruce. The Bottom line, Obama is a politician that never served in the Armed Forces, so he's not as trained or conditioned to always be prepared to return salutes respectfully; like 2nd nature, so don't crucify the guy, I mean he did orchestrate the dismantling of the khorasan terrorists plotting to kill americans here in the US. AND HE DID IT WITHOUT THE LOSS OF ONE US SERVICEMAN ! Those extremists were going to plant bombs in toothpaste tubes and teddybears that once landing here would blow up whole commercial airliners killing potentially hundreds of innocent people. You gotta give him a pass buddy.....a "get out of jail card (at least) for free" Right? I'm sure all things considered, If you look at ALL the GOOD that he has done collaterally and can get past the partisan "splinter in the eye" of an inadvertent'll see that it wasn't an intentional act of disrespect...
September 24 at 7:28pm · Edited · Like

Paul Francis Oops: And here's a postscript: He did set a leadership example (to the World) in his Commitment to going after those punks hiding out in Syria that abduct & slaughter innocent Americans...(a country Bush or any other administration has Never strategically dared to engage).
September 25 at 2:11am · Edited · Like

Bruce Quigley Obama is the Commander in Chief, he's been in office 6 years.This isn't the first time that he flew on a helicopter with Marines at the door. Either give a proper return salute or don't bother. Have some respect for the leadership position and the Men you lead. There is a term for it, "set the example." As far as MacArthur, he never saluted with a pipe in his hand, nor was he the Commander in Chief! If he says, he screwed up by doing what he did, no harm no foul.
September 24 at 7:45pm · Like

Paul Francis Lol....I never said MacArthur was a Commander in Chief, He was a Charismatic General that most definitely sent men not only off into battle, but a lot of times ultimately to their death. And I never said he ever ("screwed up?") saluting with his pipe in hand any of the men that served under him and the United States Government. I said that...It could have been possible and that I could imagine in the midst of the Pacific theatre.... a world war, and of all that was going on, he could easily have made a mistake even as a military general with the discipline and tradition of returning salutes respectfully every time...even with his eyes closed.. Whats funny is Nobody made this much fuss about GW getting off the Air Force One Marine Helicopter doing the same thing with a Dog, Barney, in both arms. And I'm not talking about the average working joe like you and me; I'm talking about the PRESS coverage of this whole thing. Check out a rebroadcast of tonight's ABC World News Tonight seeing you're more incensed about a salute than a terrorist group that was stopped before indiscriminately killing hundreds of innocent people by blowing up planes landing here in the States ! Take a look at George Bush; another Commander in Chief screwing up in exactly the way you despise it. If you take a gander at him laying that goose and you can look yourself in the mirror and say you are just as equally repulsed about it then guess what? I couldn't care less about him doing that either. I'm more concerned about the avarice,divisive,duplicitous nature of a man that could commit troops into battle with a monetary hidden agenda! I'm more concerned what the man did while he was in office that affected the lives of Thousands of American families; and no apology from him, to Me, Bruce, could ever equate to no harm no foul....Wouldn't you agree?
September 24 at 9:40pm · Edited · Like

Bruce Quigley So it's okay to salute with a coffee cup in your hands?
September 24 at 9:39pm · Like

Paul Francis No, Its okay to hold your dog in your arms and salute a Marine Sgt.
September 24 at 9:43pm · Like

Paul Francis And it's okay to dupe the public so that you and your friends can commit men into battle for the love of money in the aftermath and the cleanup. President Obama made a minor mistake, but monumentally has so much more integrity.
September 24 at 9:53pm · Edited · Like

Paul Francis I love you like a brother from another mother, but it's okay if we beg to differ.
September 24 at 9:46pm · Unlike · 1

The following day, I posted my own pictures of George Bush doing the same thing; saluting AF1 Marines with Barney in his arms.....I hope you get a kick out of it, Sir.

Paul Francis added 2 new photos.
September 25 at 5:15pm ·
The Sa-latte' antithesis..... The "Scotch on the Rocks Salute " Hmmm, I wonder whether This Soldier, (who would take a bullet for the Commander in Chief) was slightly shaken ??? but not stirred....Or, was he imagining George Bush was a Fire Hydrant ?
Paul Francis's photo.
Paul Francis's photo.
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Bruce Quigley Obama could have moved the coffee cup to his left hand.
September 25 at 5:32pm · Like · 1

Paul Francis I hear you, Bruce...but it's not like he whipped out his Johnson and fired a 21 gun salute.
September 25 at 5:58pm · Edited · Like · 1

Paul Francis I'm quite sure it was innocent....and not something done premeditatively
September 25 at 6:00pm · Like

Bruce Quigley Totally appropriate to salute members of the Air Force that way. They're not in the real Military.They're pretty loosey goosey on protocol. (wing nuts)
September 25 at 6:18pm · Like · 1

Paul Francis Oh, well seeing you put it that way ...LoL
September 25 at 6:19pm · Like

Matt Soldano Hmm.. Holding a 40 lb dog or a 12 oz coffee cup. Yeah, thats exactly the same... Can Obama even lift 40 lbs?
September 25 at 10:56pm · Like

Paul Francis The coffee cup didn't have 4 legs to get off the flight on it's own,
September 26 at 4:53am · Like

As you can see, I admire and respect you and all that you do. Keep doing what you're doing and give my regards to your wife and kids. I have two (grown up) daughters and a son who's blessed me with a grand daughter; one of which is named Michelle: 25yrs old and finishing up at Florida A&M Univ.

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