Barack Obama
Obama standing with his arms folded and smiling
44th President of the United States
In office January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017
Vice President Joe Biden
Preceded by George W. Bush
Succeeded by Donald Trump
United States Senator from Illinois
In office January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008
Preceded by Peter Fitzgerald
Succeeded by Roland Burris
Member of the Illinois Senate from the 13th district
In office January 8, 1997 – November 4, 2004
Preceded by Alice Palmer
Succeeded by Kwame Raoul
Personal details
Born Barack Hussein Obama II(1961-08-04) August 4, 1961 (age 55)Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Michelle Robinson (m. 1992)
  • Malia
  • Sasha
Relatives See Family of Barack Obama
Awards Nobel Peace Prize (2009)Profile in Courage Award (2017)

Please Reconsider

Dear Mr. President,
I am 58 yr white dude from redneck Texas.
To date, you are the best President in my life time. That includes JFK. No other president has ever received as much back lash from the ultra conservative. But you still succeeded with the most critical health care reform since the 60s. In 2008 / 2012, I worked tirelessly in your support even over Hilary as I found it difficult at the time to forgive her for her going along with the Fox war drums. You stood against that ill advised invasion. The hawks have condemned you for your handling of Syria. I think you have done an incredible job of avoiding war.
The beheading of the two American Journalist was a horrible event. But it is an event I knew had to happen once we elected to bomb ISIS targets in Iraq. We know ISIS would be forced to attempt revenge and it had to be public retaliation. I do not understand why , we as a nation pretended to be shocked by their behavior. Violence has always and will always promote and produce more violence.
No amount of “Shock and Awe” will ever defeat the terrorist. You can not blow up a mind set. You destroy ISIS today, and Al Qaeda or what ever the flavor of the week , will be back. Our actions in the middle east has never promoted peace. We interfere and attempt to force our ways in the middle east and we only create more terrorist.
Damn the hawks. They know nothing of Peace, Jesus, or righteousness. They believe we can bomb the world into submission.
Who do we support in the Middle East? Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran. We certainly have not supported the oppressed Palestinians. I remember when we supported Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. I remember when we supported Saddam Hussein over Iran .
If we strike In Syria with the coordination and approval of Syria, then the world sees the US as supporting a regime that will us chemicals on its own people. If we do it without Syrian approval; That IS absolutely an act of war and aggression. Either way, we are wrong and we will create more terrorist. But they will be US , British or French citizens. They will not even be from the middle east.
There is nothing we can do to curtail the violence in the Middle East EXCEPT to stop funding the oppressors like Israel and stop attempting to play god. God with a capitol G would use Love and understanding. It will take many decades and the loss of many lives before Love can overcome the sword : But the sword will always bring thousands of deaths for eternities as long as that is what is played out.
My favorite and most beloved president is about to make a big mistake that will create even more death and destruction than “W” did. This whole mess is a legacy of Mr. Cheney. Please do not follow in his foot steps. In attacking ISIS , you may save a few lives now. But in the end ; as with all of our acts of violence you will murder far more innocent people than you save.Please reconsider. So what if McCain, Ted Cruz , or even democrats criticize and call you out. Do not let the name calling be a reason to turn your back on God , humanity and the American people. The threat posed by ISIS is real. But it is very tiny compared to the threat of another decade of war.
Major Gen. Smedley Butler is right. President Eisenhower is right. Please do not fall to the will of the military industrial complex. You are too big of a man to let them trash talk you into the biggest mistake in American history . Potentially a bigger mistake than even “W” made.

God Bless America.
God Bless the world.
And may God please be with Mr President Obama in these troubling years.

Thank you for all you have done for America so far

Dan Burnam

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