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Dying Father - VA / private hospital problem! HELP!

Dear Mr President,

Forgive me for interrupting your busy schedule, but I know that you are angered over the VA hospital treatment situation and I thought this might be something of interest to you and I'm hoping for your help!

My father (Kenneth Chambless, Jr. - DOB 4/1/48) has been treated by the VA hospital in Biloxi, MS for many years. He lives in Daphne, Al (about an hour from the VA hospital).

He has been treated at Keisler AFB in Biloxi for the last 2 1/2 years for Stage 4 lung cancer. A month ago, they took him off IV chemo because he's no longer responding to treatment. The doctor prescribed an oral chemo for him to try.

On Thursday of last week (May 15), he took the first (and only) dose of the oral chemo pill. He had a violent reaction. He began violently vomiting and coughing, and ended up spitting up a lot of blood. My mother called the VA and they told her to take him to the closest emergency room. She took him to Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, AL. It is a private hospital and he does not have standard insurance (or Obamacare).

He has been 1 full week now without the ability to swallow any food or water. The doctors at Thomas Hospital have found that he has a hole in his esophogus that was likely caused by his vomiting / coughing spell. He is only receiving IV fluids as of now, and I am afraid he is going to starve to death.

Yesterday, the doctor who found the hole refused to do surgery to correct it because my dad does not have standard insurance. He is covered under the VA. My mom called the VA and spoke to his oncologist and the oncologist said that the surgery would be covered. The doctor looked at my mom and told her that he would still not do this procedure because there's too much red tape due to Obamacare and he is afraid he will not be paid. My mom offered to write him a check, but he still refused.

Today, they are trying to find another hospital in the Mobile, AL area that will take him and do this procedure. Again, he has not eaten or drank anything in a full week!! I asked my mom to speak to his doctors about what they can do to get him some nutrition while they figure out how to get through the red-tape!

They spoke to Mobile Infirmary and they were going to take him, but just called back and said "no" to doing the procedure. Same problem.

We are still trying to find a hospital to take him and do this procedure. He will not survive much longer without eating or drinking!


Thank you,
Kathy Chambless Oliver

Ask for support
Debra R.

Shame on the doctors who took the "Hippocratic Oath"; You hypocrites!!! May God be with you mam.