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Why is monitoring and documenting the fluid intake of our toddlers not a require...

Dear Mr. President

Dear Sir / Madam,

I write to you in the hope of bringing about change not just for myself as a parent, but for all working mothers and fathers who entrust their little ones in daycare facilities across this country everyday. I would not wish my family's experience on anyone and it seems to be a normal, acceptable issue for many families as I dig deeper and deeper to learn more.

The staff at the brand new daycare my child is attending are going out of their way and beyond their training to document oz by oz how much Eileen drinks during her day. She is referred to as a 'special case' and yet, she is a normal, healthy child. She is a special case because it is not required by the state of Florida for daycare to focus on, ensure and document the fluid intake of a child once it leaves an infant room.vAnd so, Eileen, at just under 1 year old but an early walker, experienced repeated episodes of severe constipation at daycare which caused tears in her rectum and has lead her to a condition where is associates going to the bathroom with pain. The daycare and staff, take no accountability for what has happened and why should they. They are doing what they have been trained to do rather than what a mother would intuitively do if she were at home transitioning her child from fluid based foods to solids as Eileen was at that time. I have addressed the matter at the high levels possible and it is clear that no one will entertain or engage me in dialogue about the 'cause' and 'change' needed. I am alone, chipping away at a dirty secret, in my opinion.

Since this has happened, I have met so many other parents with friends of friends who find it quite normal and an acceptable part of their daily routine to give their young stool softeners and it is now something I have to do as well and I do not accept it at all. I have already resigned from my job but will take FMLA leave instead to ween her off the stool softeners she has been on since March. I do not think it is fair that I am the one who needs to induce this drug to my baby, which is not even tested by the FDA by the way, in order to continue my career and bring home a salary. what will happen when I go back to work. What happens when she moves to another class room or Ms. Danielle is no longer her care giver each day. I feel like everyone looks at me and thinks I am blowing it out of all proportion because I cannot let this go. I think it's a huge huge deal for us all but mostly, for Eileen and what this medication is doing to her as she is in the development stages of her young life. It's terrible what I am doing to her.

When I even mention 'daycare' to my pediatrician, he will avoid me, change the subject and move me right along to next. I wonder why? I find it quite interesting. My husband thinks it's because he probably deals with lawsuits left right and center. I found a wonderful GI who has supported me in weaning her off the drug and made me feel more comfortable but again intuitively and at 45 years of age (no spring chicken here), I cannot accept the reasoning behind what has 'caused' my daughters condition which fuels me to dig deeper and deeper. My daughter is in daycare for most of her awake time and it is clear from the documentation I rec. on the daily report card that the problems are easily resolved if care givers are focused on the child's fluid intake while in daycare as it would be by a stay at home parent.

Why it is acceptable as standard practice to not monitor, ensure and record the fluid intake of our youth, especially those children who cannot yet talk, are just learning to walk and are being taught/ (pushed more like it) by the daycare providers to drink from cup. Moreover, their little tummy's don't yet know of solid food ! They are learning this too.

Where can I go and who can I talk to bring about change so that day care providers make it part of their documentation, training and focus to ensure that children get enough 'fluid' from Monday to Friday 8am-5.30pm?

I think ahead to Eileen's future. Maybe she will be a young mother trying to figure this out and most likely, I may not be around to guide her and help her through it all. I need to fix it for her. I am writing a book.

I really appreciate your time and any feedback you can give me as I research this issue tirelessly. I am a great supporter of yours. You have brought joy, wisdom and a bit of wit to Washington and I thank you for that, I am not huge on politics but as you can see, I deal with it every waking hour.

Best wishes

Annique Acar

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