Mamnoon Hussain
Mamnoon Hussain 2014.jpg
Mamnoon Hussain, 2014
12th President of Pakistan
Assumed office 9 September 2013
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
Preceded by Asif Ali Zardari
Governor of Sindh
In office 19 June 1999 – 12 October 1999
President Rafiq Tarar
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
Preceded by Moinuddin Haider
Succeeded by AM Azim Daudpota
Personal details
Born Mamnoon Hussain(1940-12-23) 23 December 1940 (age 76)Agra, United Provinces, British Raj(now in Uttar Pradesh, India)
Nationality Pakistani
Political party Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Residence Aiwan-e-Sadr
Alma mater B.ComInstitute of Business Administration
Religion Islam
Website Government website

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