Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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IncumbentTheresa May since 13 July 2016 (2016-07-13)
Government of the United KingdomOffice of the Prime Minister
Style The Right HonourableHer Excellency (Diplomatic) [1]
Member of
Reports to Parliament
Seat Westminster
Appointer Monarch of the United Kingdom
by convention, based on appointee's ability to command confidence in the House of Commons.
Term length At Her Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder Sir Robert Walpole
as First Lord of the Treasury and de facto first Prime Minister.
Formation 4 April 1721
£143,462[2](annual, including £74,962 MP's salary)
Website Official website

Relating to Kalki & President of India

Dear Mr.Cameron,

After getting No.I from the President Prativa Patil as Kalki, I'm now wanting to stand for the President of India.

I am a Graduate of Commerce.

I'm the Sunlord Kalki of India.

I'm a very good boy in my career.

I'm now 41.

All the criteria have been checked by me as correct for the Presidentship.

But, the simple thing - Insane Certificate.

Devi coming to house directly calling me & is talking loudly one one time.

After two times, they are calling from their situation without showing their face.

As Devi Devata, little from 1999, I've talked in soliloquy.

They are using all your names that you are telling also in that.

Due to this fact, I'm going to stop that scene immediately unless I may not get insane certificate for the Presidentship.


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