President of the Federal Republic of GermanyBundespräsident der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Standarte des Bundespräsidenten.svg
Frank-Walter Steinmeier Feb 2014 (cropped).jpg
IncumbentFrank-Walter Steinmeier since 19 March 2017
Style His/Her Excellency(in international relations only)
Residence Schloss Bellevue (Berlin)Villa Hammerschmidt (Bonn)
Appointer Federal Convention
Term length Five years Renewable once, consecutively
Constituting instrument Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany
Precursor The Reichspräsident
Formation 24 May 1949
First holder Theodor Heuss


Dear Joachim Gauck
we are the united youth in Uganda who are poor but united in one group to change our country which is leaving behind the youth in leadership and in all country resources and our president have over ruled in power including to call only investors from Russia and Chain only and who are not developing our country.we request you to support us through knowledge to change our country for Germans
we happy for your response towards us
Yours the Director for Uganda youth forum for change

Ask for support