Dear Hassan Rouhani, Good Evening Sir! I 'll make it short, I hope In the coming year 2015! That Iran will do their part in the war on terror, that helped created the problem, in the first place! Has you see, the United States, is back again, helping, the region once again! Risking American lives, to protect, the region once a gain! If the United States and other countries, decided to pull out, that would leave, Iran, helpless! I am asking you for help, in fighting the terrorist! After the terrorist are defeated, then we can have Peace on Earth! Every Religion, in this world is very important, I have a lot friend's in different, Religion's, I don't, pick choose, as long as they are for Peace! I believe that if we had more Women in head's of States, we would have less War's! See once the Killing Start, then come's the Hate! Why can't man, try out the word Peace, to all!!! My mark come's from a person, that has made her mark, around the World! (Nicole Kidman)! She has made the trip's, around the world, as a peace movement!!! I am one, you are many!!! God Bless you in the coming year's! Peace, Peace, Peace!!! Nicole is a good friend of mine! Give her some attention, has she has worked very, to get where she is now!!! Sincerely, Daniel J O'Hanlon

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