President of the French RepublicPrésident de la République française
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Presidential emblem
Francois Hollande 2015.jpeg
IncumbentFrançois Hollande since 15 May 2012
Style His Excellency[1]
Member of Council of MinistersEuropean Council
Residence Élysée Palace
Seat Paris, France
Term length Five years Renewable once
Constituting instrument Constitution of the Fifth Republic
Formation 4 October 1958
First holder Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte 20 December 1848
Salary €178,923.72 (€14,910.31/month)[2]

A serious message about your position in power to you and all of those with yoy

Dear Francois Hollande, I would like to let you know that all of the Divinely appointed kings of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ have been accounted for and there will be a great calvary charge very soon on this earth to overthrow all the Governments and kings of the Earth in order for our King of Kings, Jesus Christ to rule as the ultimate king and his kingdom to rule forever. By now you should know who you are in the world and if you stand against our Lord Jesus and his 144 thousand men, then you will stand adverse judgment and possibly death. If you care about your salvation, then ask our Lord Jesus what you should be doing right know, like stepping down or helping in handing over the power of France back to our Lord Jesus.

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