Donald Trump
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
45th President of the United States
Assumed office January 20, 2017
Vice President Mike Pence
Preceded by Barack Obama
Personal details
Born Donald John Trump(1946-06-14) June 14, 1946 (age 70)New York City
Political party Republican (1987–99, 2009–11, 2012–present)
Other political affiliations
Relations See Family of Donald Trump
Residence White House
Alma mater The Wharton School (B.S.inEcon.)
Net worth DecreaseUS$3.5 billion (March 2017)[1]
Signature Donald J Trump stylized autograph, in ink

How to save the US A Money

Damn got up sick 410 a.m. Thinking Why put up a wall in Texas? Mr Trump Spend the money on Medical needs & researcher to save lives of people that can pass a Drug Test. Now if you can't pass a Drug Test let them do there Drugs let them DIE and we will have more Jobs of people that don't do Drugs & more money for the Government, it's way to open up the Job market. You know I Don't Drink or Do Drugs but I do the Medication that make me sicker & feel like I'm the walking Dead. NOW IF WE STOP DRUG TREATMENT CENTERS & LET THEM DO THE DRUGS AND THEY WILL DIE OFF, or give them a one way ticket to the middle east, North Korea, some place the USA doesn't like and let them have people that can't pass a Drug Test. It is a WIN WIN idea for the USA. Who knows the Doctors may have the money to spend to save my life, Yes I'm very sick and I could live 10 years or longer who know's. Yes I'm a Sick one, Love old cars over women that lie for there own gain & People that lie I thing there all Drug users. Work hard don't do drugs gave up drinking 27+ years ago and my life sucks. Just think 100% Drug testing and if you can't pass a Drug test we stop all funding to them and ship them out of the USA, Just think of all the money we would save us here that follow the US Law's.
Yes I Love the USA & was in the US Navy. Just think Make everyone do 4 years in the Armed Forces we would have a stronger country, even it they just pushing paper, but boot camp they will learn what it means to be a American and maybe they will learn what is Pride is. 1 Last thing just think If there where no Drugs in the US our Kids would have a better life. Oh do I think you will ever read this No I don't think so because you probably have a lot of staff that can't pass a Drug test. The truth hurts.
Yes I just might pissed off a lot of friends & family
Thomas Chase Patton
Oh I did Vote for you thinking you could change things for the better & I think you can make the changes that will make us a Great County to live in.
Oh just drug test anyone that works for the US Government even the US Post Office and you will see we have a real problem.

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