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Can You Help me

Cecelia Reed
718 Andrew Street Se
Palm Bay, Florida 32909


Brevard Health Alliance
3661 South Babcock
Melbourne, Florida 32901

Re: Extraction Tooth #4 – August 9. 2013,
Performed: Dr. Hastings, DMD,: Supervised By Dr. I. Gamble, D.D.S.
Location: Barton Commons Clinic

After an year, The area still has not healed and I am experiencing rancid blood pocket that carries a foul
odor that smells of dead blood cells.

It has come to my knowledge, that neither “So Called Dentists”, no longer work there.

To Begin, I am to sole caregiver to a Bed-bound Mother, whom has suffered from a stroke for over 2+ years.

During my efforts, to save the tooth with no insurance and no employment, I had to succumb to abscesses, antibiotics and numerous ER visits.

Prior to the Oral Surgery, the antibiotics strength was increased from ER, 150 mg to 300mg.

I was scheduled to have an extraction of my #4 bicuspid upper right side tooth.



My Oral surgery, was performed by Dr. Hastings,DMD and consulted by Dr. Brown and Dr. I. Gamble,D.D.S.

Dr. Brown was able to loosen the tooth. Then the Dr. Hastings took over and was still having trouble
and Dr. Brown stated “ DO WHAT YOU GOT TO DO”.

I believe at that moment is when the SEVERE DAMAGE WAS DONE TO ME!

I was given only local anesthesia. I was told by Dr. Hastings, that I was given 5 shots.

I was asked numerous times by “The Dental assistant, I believe her name was “Kim, or Kerry Ann,
(Not sure of her name) ”, If I was feeling pain or pressure. Every time, I responded, “PAIN”.

She showed an attitude by my response, While I was in the patients chair, and began to assure me that she was

I found her assurance very condescending and I told her so. She got an immediate attitude.

Dr. Hastings had to drill and demolished the tooth in order to remove it in it's entirety.


I jumped at one point during the procedure, and Dr. Hastings quickly removed the drill.

I believe at that moment is when I obtained a CHIP IN MY FRONT LEFT TOOTH.

I was not able to signal the pain that I felt. The procedure was well over 3 Hours.

A unknown woman came and “HELD MY HAND”, for the latter part of time.

When it was all over, I asked to have, “ My Tooth”. I was told, “NO”, It has to be “sanitized”.

The next thing I knew, that she ( the Dental Assistant was crumbling up my tooth put in the garbage.)

I saw this and then requested to take a picture of it. The Tooth had to be pulverized in two parts in able to be removed from my mouth.

Dr. Gamble stated abruptly, “HURRY UP, HURRY UP TAKE YOUR PICTURE, WITH A HEAVY HISPANIC ACCENT. “WE HAVE OTHER PATIENTS' TO SEE. It was approximately 4:45pm at this time.

She spoke to me with a rude tone and disposition.

During this time, I was addressing the dental assistant, that she should not have taken my agitated behavior personally.
It was the whole experience, PAIN, I NEVER HAD AN EXTRACTION BEFORE.

Consumer quality assurance should have been the issue not her personal feelings and attitude.

I gave a exasperated sigh, when she kept on telling me it was pressure not pain.

She was running around and trying to avoid me and saying , I do not have a attitude, “I'M JUST DOING MY JOB”.

Dr. Gamble, hurried me out of the patients area, Yelling “ WE HAVE PATIENTS' TO SEE: TIME TO GO.”

I told her she was being very, nasty, and that I was still dizzy and bleeding.

No antibiotic prescription was given.

I had a long way to get home, what if I had and accident going home?

I left and spoke to the acting business mgr. A “Black Woman” (Kenisha Scott), of my disgust of non-professional behavior of the staff. I expressed to her, of the treatment, and I was still “DIZZY”.

I was not given any time to recoup from the ordeal.




I went back and personally , thanked Dr. Hastings and Dr. Brown for their efforts, and shook their hands.

Dr. Hastings was very kind and took me back to the Patients' area and changed the bloody gauze in my mouth and gave me extra until I got home.

I asked for the Facilities Administration telephone #. I reported the ill treatment to someone by the name of “Shirley”. I have yet to personally speak to the Administator.

I have called and always gotten, this person, Shirley whom stated every time that the Administrator was not in.

On or about, 09/06/2013, I still was having pain and sensitivity.

I wished to be seen. I had concerns, being alone with No Family here, My time and well being is pertinent to the well being to my ailing Mother.

I had to request my own 2 weeks follow-up visit and pay another $20.00.

Dr. Hastings, removed a piece of the surgical thread and cleaned the area.

She gave me 3 tubes of Blue liquid (Chlorhexdine) and told be to complete the antibiotics
that I received from the ER. No other prescription given.

The healing process has been trying. I have experienced, pain, swelling, sensitivity to hot and cold.

Approximated 3 weeks latter, I called to make another appointment to check the area.

I did not have GAS money nor the $20.00 Co-Pay.

I was still experiencing pain, sensitivity and swelling in the area.

I believe that since it is the same area, I requested it be waived. It was granted.

It was suggested to go to the mobile on Sarto cite, since it would be closer to my home and see Dr. Brown.

I went and Dr. Brown examined me and stated that If I have any other problems, I should go to an Oral surgeon.

I thought that is whom performed my extraction.

I was given a prescription for an oral wash (Chlorhexdine). No antibiotic prescription was given.

I have also suffered from Pink Eye , 2 times in a 3 Week period and I was also seen by the Medical Clinic on that Day.

10/03/13, 6:00am, I woke up to a hardness, extreme swelling , slight pain, severe Disfigured face, which is signs of an abscess.
I called the mobile to see if I could be seen at 8:15am. I was very afraid and scared.

I spoke to Kerry-Ann, she said her computer was down, and she would call me back in 15min.


I did not get a call back. So, I called again and left a message, informing that there may be some problem with the Surgery that was done to me.

I spoke to Dr. Brown's assistant and she stated that he “REFUSES TO SEE ME, AND HE TOLD ME THAT HE COULD REFER ME TO AN ORAL SURGEON.”

I was incensed. Nevertheless, I requested the referral to be faxed to me


I called the Dental clinic, I was told an appointment would be made for me with the Rockledge clinic.

While I was waiting for a “Tina, to return my call. I received a call from a “Nicole, Mgr”, who already stated that she was under the impression that I was already given an appointment, I corrected her.

I did not have an appointment.

Upon her return call, she arranged the appointment and informed me that I needed to speak
to a Case manager, prior to my appointment.

I asked her why, Her response was astonishing.

I was told that, on 08/09/2013, the day of my extraction, It was documented that I had showed very bad behavior and she could not elaborate the content of the report and I would have meet with the Case Manager, prior to my appointment.

I consider this a response to a defamation of character.

This I cannot tolerate. I am officially requesting a copy of the report on my behavior and the party and parties that it may have been reviewed by.

10/03/2013, I was called into the Case manager's office, Kathy and Stevette Case manager trainee.

I was informed that I presented ill behavior and made a statement about Dr. Gamble.

I was requested to a sign a document in ORDER TO BE SEEN FOR THE ONGOING PROBLEM.




During this whole time, I have experienced Limited COMPASSION AND CONDSIDERATION FOR MY SITUATION.

When I requested a signed statement copy of the was allegedly ill mannered statement, NONE could be
presented to me.


In addition, Kenisha, Supervisor and Nicole, Site Manager was also in the meeting.

Now, I and 4 Staff members was discussing this issue and not my abscess.

I was allowed to see Dr. Gamble, pursuant to a misunderstanding and no hard feelings would be kept on all parties.

Dr. Gamble took two sets of x-rays of the tooth. Her diagnosis was that I did indeed have an abscess infection and I should go and see and Orthodontic Surgeon. “Furthermore, you will have to spend some money!”.

She made a issue and quipped about how she used the word “Furthermore”, in a sentence correctly.

10/29/2013, I noticed another abscess on the outer gum line of the #4 tooth.

I called the office for an antibiotic prescription, I was told that Dr. Gamble would have to see me first.

I could not make the trip to Rockledge for the same reason I could not make the appointment on the 18th, there was no money.

I in turn went to the Palm Bay Hospital ER and was seen.

I, made a appointment with an orthodontic surgeon for additional $75.00, to get a consultation and some understanding of what is actually was done to the my tooth. I never had the money to go.

12/20/2013, I have made another trip the E.R. Which has incurred medical, prescriptions costs that I cannot afford.

On or About, May 2014, I was granted an Second Opinion office visit with a Dr. Williams.

She stated that Dr. Gamble has entered in the record, that I had “ a Severe Cavity in tooth #3”.
If I could not get a root canal, it would have to be extracted.

Meanwhile, she could not give me a clear and precise reason, why the extracted tooth area was still being infected and not healing, this was almost coming to a year since the initial extraction.

I was never told anything about a cavity nor root canal.

She examined my mouth, and stated that I had at least 4 extensive root canal issues.

My issues have only been with the extracted tooth.

This visit I was again charged $20.00 co-pay.

I have been to approximately to 3 different dentist, under free x-rays during the previous year and not one of those dentist ever told me anything of this sort.

When I asked her , if she would extract tooth #3, she shook her hand and was reluctant to say.

She suggested that I went to an Orthodontic Surgeon.


9/28/2014, After an year, The area still has not healed and I am experiencing rancid blood pocket that carries a foul odor that smells of dead blood cells.

I am not working and I have “ NO MONEY”, my sick Mother has been helping me.

Due to the score of my responsibilities for my Mother and my for concern for my personal health takes precedence.

I thought the Patients' care should have been the priority, not the employees' inflated egos.

Any action taken pursuant to this complaint will be seen as antagonistic, due to the fact that I have addressed their disrespect of me and lack of integrity in their work and the health care risk and jeopardy that they have blatantly placed my life in.

Can you Help Me?


Cecelia Reed.

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