Chancellor of the Federal Republic of GermanyBundeskanzler(in)  (German)
Bundesadler Bundesorgane.svg
Angela Merkel CDU Parteitag 2014 by Olaf Kosinsky-28.jpg
IncumbentAngela Merkel since 22 November 2005
Member of CabinetEuropean Council
Seat German Chancellery, Berlin, Germany (primary)Palais Schaumburg, Bonn, Germany (secondary)
Appointer The Federal President In accordance with a vote in the Bundestag
Term length None The Chancellor's term of office ends when a new Bundestag ("Federal Diet", the lower house of the German Federal Parliament) convenes for its first meeting or when dismissed by the President (for instance following a constructive vote of no confidence),[1] i.e. usually 4 years (unlimited during state of defence)
Constituting instrument Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany
Formation 1949
First holder Konrad Adenauer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Salary €220,000 p.a.

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