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mortgage help please

A Brief summary of my situation:

My name is Deborah Messier I am looking for some information or help with refinancing my home which is severely under-water. Since 2010, I have tried going through the HAMP program ( I have applied and reapplied approx. 5 times or more, each time was denied help), I have tried working with my mortgage company, I have tried refinancing through banks, credit unions, private mortgage brokers and attended classes on this through a community center (Twin City CDC HUD office in Fitchburg, Mass.) and also contacted the HOPE Help line for help with this matter. I even had a Lawyer, a family member, look over my paperwork for accuracy before submitting paperwork -the last time I applied for mortgage modification/refinance programs through ASC in 2012, NO ONE seems to be able to help, all I get is the option of short sale my home or becoming another statistic of foreclosure. I have worked full-time at my present job for 17 years ( I travel 70 miles per day to and from work), my partner has been laid off for 15 months and is presently employed in a temporary position that could end at anytime. My youngest daughter started college at Worcester State this year.

I purchased my home in 2004 which was the first home I ever purchased ( I qualified for an 80/20 mortgage with no money down), to get my 4 children out of a bad rental situation. I also had to refinance in 2006 because I had a 80/20 mortgage that would have become a variable rate.

I still have an 80/20 mortgage which has a balloon payment, I’ve had to take money from my 401K to have a new sewer line put in, the old sewer line pipe broke and all backed up in my basement. My home owners insurance was cancelled because of the winter ice storm that put a hole in my roof and damaged my property. And the basement flooded due to the ice buildup. Now I have insurance through Mass property insurance underwriting association which doubled in what I was paying previously for insurance.

Presently, my house is valued at $120,000 - $160,000 and I owe $237,000. One mortgage is from America’s Servicing Company through Wells Fargo for $199.119.90 with an interest rate of 6.660%, the other mortgage is from Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC for $36,961.73 with an interest rate of 9.590% and has a balloon payment and taxes and insurance are not included.

My monthly mortgage payments are:

1st mortgage…..ASC $1413.80 ($1120.12 is interest-- $293.66 is principal)

2nd mortgage….Owen $338.98 ($298.40 is interest and $40.26 is principal)

My house insurance is approx. $1200/year.

Annual taxes (not included) are $2855.00

I get paid --every 2 weeks gross: $2879.05 with a take home after taxes and health insurance etc. $1,155.20. ( month income of $2,310.40)

I would be very appreciative of any help you can give me so I can keep my home.

I have been living off credit cards and am running out of resources quickly…

My goal is to remain in my home at an affordable rate.

I am willing to answer any questions you may have to help my situation.

Please feel free to contact me at 978-835-9523, address is 6 Lakeview Dr, Gardner, Mass 01440

Thank you for your time,

Deborah Messier

6 Lakeview Dr

Gardner, Mass 01440

Tel. 978-835-9523

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