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Dear Mr. President: I am imploring you to not okay the implementation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. I have been doing my research and found tragic cases of exploding pipelines in the United States th... UNITED STATES 88 26
Dear Mr. President There is a consensus among many thinkers and philosophers that the true measure of success for any human population is how it treats its most disenfranchised members. If we were... UNITED STATES 219 63
Dear President Barack Obama, My class mates Tibryia, Jada, & I are doing a in class project on why our school shouldn't be closed down. Everyone in our Burke middle High school community are tr... UNITED STATES 93 31
Dear Mr President My name is Sheryle Testerman a nobody grandmother that just wants justice for my grandson Michael. He lost his first appeal. I don't understand why anyone thinks a 19 year old kid... UNITED STATES 0 0
Dear President elect Trump, I would like to play a role in the restructuring of the VA Medical system. Vets do deserve good care, and I have experienced quite the opposite. So I am approaching you wi... USA ELECT 0 0
Dear V.Putin, As it is not possible to pick a category because all of them need an attention. From helthcare to education, from poor roads behind Moscow to poor food quality. Stop super power show ... RUSSIA 0 0
I WILL REALLY MISS YOU. Several years ago , after many years of messing up my life since age 12 ,I got a good job I worked for 26 years. Then I became quite ill from years of smoking, end up on a ve... UNITED STATES 0 0
Dear, Mr. President I wanted to thank you for your amazing commitment to our community and recognizing the women's movement in your time in office . I have found comfort in know during your P... UNITED STATES 0 0
Dear Mr President Trump Obama plans on starting a civil war before he leaves office And if you don't get mean and nasty the Democrats are going to steal this election You are going to have ... USA ELECT 0 0
Dear Mr. President, Wouldn't it be nice to take away the fines that are given to those who cannot afford Obamacare? I mean, seriously, those that are struggling to make ends meet and can't afford em... UNITED STATES 0 0
________________________________________ Ret Marine Col. Jeffery Powers wrote to the NFL commissioners the following Commissioner, I’ve been a season pass holder at Yankee Stadium, Yal... USA ELECT 0 0
My name is Minister Cynthia Vickery . I want to thank you for running for President and giving God's people hope of a better life. I believe you were called from your Mother's womb to turn this Nation... USA ELECT 0 0
Dear Donald Trump, Congratulations on your tremendous win! I Pray God keeps you safe until your Inauguration Day, and stays near you, as you slice into the belly of the Beast. Thinking of the hor... USA ELECT 0 0
Dear Mr Tuump. Please dont cut social security . Im on disability die to having 4 back surgeries . I get 700.00 a month and it is nowhere near enough to live on. I challenge all people in washington... USA ELECT 0 0

Dear Donald Trump, my wife and I have been waiting to here what we should do about Health Care, we went on Obama care last year for the first time and lost all of Dr.s we had had for over 30 year. ...

One of the requirements of being President is testosterone. As a woman, I think women should stop trying to be equal and start being grateful. If Hillary were smarter, she would admit she doesn't have... USA ELECT 0 0
Dear President Elect Trump, I totally support Rex Tillerson, Exxon CEO for SECRETARY OF STATE. He is an excellent choice and putting him on your short list was a stroke of genius. Tom Sanford, ... USA ELECT 0 0
Dear President Obama, When you became president, you issued a new approach to the Freedom of Information Act, instructng all department and agencies to administer the law "with a clear presum... UNITED STATES 0 0
Mr. President Many presidents before you have given pardons before leaving office to people that have committed criminal acts like President Nixon. My whole life my people have been fighting to obt... UNITED STATES 0 0
I read what others write and I see only complaints about this and that. I find it annoying that they do this. What they should do is thank you and tell you that you are a very good president and m... UNITED STATES 0 0
veterans are commiting 20 suicides a day. ptsd guys are made to wait too long for their check. I'm a disabled American veteran. I'm being called a retard and worse than that. Don't increase minimum w... UNITED STATES 0 0
Sir: First of all, thank you for your service to our country during the past eight years. I am most appreciate of all you have done and how you and your family have behaved! I would like to sugg... UNITED STATES 0 0
To silence the left I would quote the Bible about global warming. God is in control... Just read Genesis 8 :22. You said it Mr.President that this global warming it just a hoax due to lobbyists. I bel... USA ELECT 0 0
Dear Me President, I really feel your gonna do great things for this country. But If I were you no Matter what Get Sarah Palin in on this cabinet thing she is a great woman honest and GOD fe... USA ELECT 0 0
Chief of staff and president Chief Barrack obama , Did you just fart sir. This admin stinks sir. I reminded you always... that better is the ending of one good kings reign than it's begi... UNITED STATES 0 0
Respected Sir, I am a 73 year old retired Indian Air Force Veteran, having taken part in the Indo/Pak wars of 1965 & 1971 respectively, as a fighter pilot. I visited Washington from 03 Sep '16... UNITED STATES 0 0
My father in law, is what I see u to be, i really would love to marry OBAMA, MALIA ANN BARACK please recommend my proposal to your FIRST daughter MALIA , I really love her, am 31 yrs. Am from NIGERIA,... UNITED STATES 0 0