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Dear President Obama, Please agree with the Republicans to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood. It is the right thing to do. Dana Blake Wilton, NH UNITED STATES 60 20
Dear President Obama we have been going through her true terror harder for 34 years over and IRS problem we have been able to grow with our children and our business we have been forced into losing ou... UNITED STATES 171 57
Dear Barack Obama I ask the VA to help me and thousands of other veterans who were stationed on bases in Thailand that are suffering from many of the same illnesses that were caused by Agent Orange... UNITED STATES 69 13
Dear President-Elect Trump, I am a nuclear engineer with 60 years experience. Attached are some of my main achievements during my 77 years. I am tired of our children being dumbed down in school. ... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
DearMr. Trump, I stand with you. Just Dont Let Hillary upset ypu and STAY WITH What America Needs. All Of Iteams We Need KNOW, heathcrCare, BringIn Illegallys, Gun rights, You are A Good Man ...WE... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
Personal and urgent !!! Deat Mr. Trump ! Get some high people together like pence, Guliani, and some more like generals and fbi as wel Judges. and have them step up (maybe armed (second amendm... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
Dear Pres. I have a suggestion for an awesome music to play on RSBN or in your rally. I am from Amsterdam and follow your rally every day full. You make me cry a lot from emotions. Is this really... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
You need to avoid talking about the fact that the media is trying to rig the election. You are in danger of making your supporters thing you are going to lose so why vote? Instead tell the people that... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
I am a Malawian young boy aged 28 who is currently striving to make it for my education and living in Malawi. Can you please kindly help me. I want to be an international business man. UNITED STATES 0 0
Dear Mr. Trump: TELL AMERICAN BUSINESSES ABOUT THIS! It is the ACA Regulations that are driving businesses out of this country. I am a health insurance broker. Mr Trump needs to tell Americans ab... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
Heard a very good idea today - Trump should announce his projected cabinet...They should include people with political experience, EG Gingrich for Sec'try of State, Carson Sec'try of Health and obviou... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
Please stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Water will always be more precious to mankind than gas or oil. The Illinois end of this pipeline is already completed. We too here want and need clear water mor... UNITED STATES 0 0
mr trump, my name is james matteson from deltona,fl, i am a marine vet from vietnam---68-69 era, i would like very much to see you win this election in november, i have watch you thu the primaries and... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
Dear President Obama, I have written your several times in several different site and have not heard from you!!!! If my emails are not getting thru to you, you have plenty of workers to answer your e... UNITED STATES 0 0
Please Mr Trump view and use the video on http://www.heartchanger.com....it can turn your campaign around USA CANDIDATE 0 0
Good morning Mr. President, Hoping that you CAN help me. I recently had my 2nd open heart surgery and I am doing okay. I paid through my work for a Short Term policy that pays me $1000/month. I also... UNITED STATES 0 0
When is someone in the campaign going to hit Trump upside the head and inform him that Bill CLinton is not running??? USA CANDIDATE 0 0
Trump Tax Policy In order to get elected you are going to have to propose a radical change in tax policy and the change must be something that the lower and middle-income families can measure. It ... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
Tell the voters yes, you are an idiot, most men are, you all say things like this when you are alone with other men.... Your not any different than Bill Clinton, except you didn't do this while you w... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
All I have to say is just how silly and how deep in the garbage do you have to dig for that stuff!!. I'm an over 50 something women. With that I have to say who out there has not said or done somethi... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
All I have to say is just how silly and how deep in the garbage do you have to dig for that stuff!!. I'm an over 50 something women. With that I have to say who out there has not said or done somethi... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
It has been a known fact about the "rich get richer" and the "poorer keep getting poor." Trump has finally replied to showing tax returns and he says he lost $916 million and there... UNITED STATES 0 0
dear; Barack Obama It's nice to send you my message just need you'er help, so my name is ............... , I can;t say it but let it be secret between you and me , I know you have been helping pe... UNITED STATES 0 0
Thank you for taking my message. I like watching the Japanese TV station so I can be informed of events in Asia. I just watched the Japanese honor the athletes who participated in the Para Olympics,... UNITED STATES 0 0
Dear President Barack Obama, In 1989 I was convicted for a atten. Manslaughter and was sentenced for two years of Community control. This was a traffic incident and happened one block away from my h... UNITED STATES 0 0
Dear Barak Obama PLEASE take steps to stop the massacre in Syria. Children and women , innocent population PLKEASE take action . This is like extermination of Jews . DO NOT STAY SILENT OR DO NOT LO... UNITED STATES 0 0
DEAR,Donald Trump i dont think you are ready to bcome a president bacause your imichore i dont think anyone should vote for you because your a selfish and uqalefied to be a president. Sencierly, Ta... USA CANDIDATE 0 0
Dear Mr. President Please delete my name, address and phone number from this letter. An evil person has found it. Thanks. UNITED STATES 0 0